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    The Inca empire. The Aztec Empire. Empire. A very large group of people ruled over by one person. The Aztec and Inca empire were both different empires but they did have things common. Today I will be sharing and comparing the similarities and differences between the Aztec empire and the Inca empire. Although the tribes came from different locations and don’t have much in common, they do have different things that make them alike such as the fact that they both have important events that occur around the same time and that they both eat some of the same foods. These two empires are very different as well but most tribes and empires are. Today I will be comparing the similarities between the Inca and Aztec empire. The three main crops that the Inca grew were ones that contained cocoa beans, beans, and vegetables. The Aztecs three main crops were those that contained flowers, fruits, and vegetables as well. Another thing that the Inca and Aztec both ate for foods was ducks. The Aztecs three primary meats were ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. The Incas primary meats were fish and ducks as well Also, the Inca and Aztec both share a belief in many gods.Individually, both the Aztec and Inca believe in many gods. Although the Inca and Aztec both believe in gods they don’t believe in the same gods because they are apart of two totally different empires. The Inca greatly believed that the Sapa Inca was part god himself. The Sapa Inca was the ruler or emperor and as I said before the…

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