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    1) Based on Lyle Wong case study, I consider Lyle as entrepreneur. The first reason is Lyle have big ideas. Lyle dream big and think big, he was come out with ideas that haven’t been tested and work on it before. And he believe that his ideas is possible to success if he try to work on it with right way. The second reason is that I can see in this case study, Lyle love to take risk. Entrepreneurship involves recognizing, and he being willing to accept the risk that the venture may success or fail. He step out on a ledge more often than not and he will jump in with both feet know that if he put in all his effort to the venture, the risk will be worth it more often than not. The third reason is Lyle are thinking ahead for future. In the case study Lyle when he is in college and he is thinking and planning to go for e-commerce business. He not only thinking about what he want doing this week, he also focus on the future of his venture. The fourth reason is skill sets. The most successful entrepreneurs usually have an unusual vision to identify what products or services customers will need or need in the future, and to design products or services that meet these needs. Many entrepreneurs manage the overall situation, such as developing strategies rather than supervising the completion of smaller tactics and tasks that must be done to implement the strategy. The Fifth reason is about working environment. A start-up company assumes its "creator" personality, entrepreneur. If he is…

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    Introduction: Entrepreneurship can be classified as the acts of creation, renewal or innovation that occur internally or externally of an existing business (Sharma & Chrisman, 1999). Influencing factors depict the importance of entrepreneurship in the development and growth of a country, namely: the role of an entrepreneur, the relationship between entrepreneurship and development. (, 2007) The Importance of entrepreneurship in economic development and growth can be seen with…

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