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  • The Marriott Hotel

    3. Even though Alibaba and Marriott hotel are not directly related in terms of what the sell and offer, still, a partnership between two different unrelated firms can lead to a lot of benefits for the both parties. Benefits that the members of the Alibaba’s loyalty program have already been stated. One benefit that the Alibaba could get is that they will have a larger number of members as the new additional members would…

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  • Case Study Of Flipkart

    Flipkart, an idea converted into reality in 2007 by the two talented gentlemen who are Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. They were firstly in and that was the time when the idea of flipkart came into their mind. It was a risky attempt as India is a place where people are having different tastes and preferences which made it difficult to open an e-commerce industry. Still attempt was made which has made a drastic change in e-commerce industry. At beginning flipkart sold books on the…

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  • Myntra Case Study

    that happens then an infrangible monopoly will be achieved by the companies (together as a unit), contributing to high entry barrier of the E-commerce segment in India and preventing the expansion or emergence (in case of Alibaba) of global competitors in India like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. This was the major thought process behind the acquisition, though it sounds a bit too…

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  • Foreign Market: ABB Sells Unit To NKT Cables

    Multinational companies need to organized to have presence in foreign markets. Companies can create growth and profit if they penetrate foreign markets the correct way. A company can structure the business so it can be public. It can allow the company to raise funds by investors through an initial public offering. When a company is in the correct geographic area and provides a service or product that is in demand, the opportunities are endless for a multinational. ABB Sells Unit to NKT Cables…

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  • Compare And Contrast Leadership And Management

    While leadership and management are often used interchangeably, they are in fact not the same thing. It’s not hard to understand why many people use these two skill sets reciprocally since quite often both are required by individuals in charge. For instance you may hear someone say “ His lack of leadership and direction lead to budget overruns” , or “Her inability to manage her team is the reason for high turnover”. However in the first instance budget overruns are not a result of bad…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taobao

    competitor in market. In the other hand, If we don’t know anything to our competitors in the market. Then we will face failure and the most important is lost to our competitors. 1.2 Company background / Operation As we know, TaoBao are founded by Alibaba in the May…

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  • Ebay Case Analysis

    Before we analyse eBay’s source of competitive advantage, it is crucial for us to use Porter’s five-forces model of industry competition to examine eBay’s external environment forces that are affecting its profitability (Dess et al., 2014, chapter 2). These five forces are as follows: 1. The threat of new entrants 2. The bargaining power of buyers 3. The bargaining power of suppliers 4. The threat of substitute products and services 5. The intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry…

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  • Costco's Distribution Strategy Analysis

    Costco utilizes the same distribution strategy internationally as they do in the U.S. The company makes an effort to obtain products locally by developing relationships with local suppliers in order to reduce supply chain costs (Soni, 2016). This tactic also helps Costco provide products that are partial to the local customer base. Products are sold at Costco warehouses, demonstrating a direct involvement in distribution. Globally, the company utilizes a distribution strategy in which the supply…

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  • Amazon Case Study: Amazon

    Amazon, like the other companies, will be facing a lot of challenges in the future, even though it is one of the online retailing giant. The main challenges that they are going to encounter are low international growth of their business, particularly in China; loss of reputation due to the New York Times articles on Amazon’s labor practices; and the emergence of competitors in the coming future. 2.2.1 Slow international growth, particularly in China Because of the tremendously increasing…

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  • Amazon Generic Strategy Essay

    11.0 The strategic position of the organisation Level 1- Generic strategy Amazon generic strategy for competitive advantage is differenciation. As an example, Amazon is the only e-commerce company which does not outsource its fulfilment and distribution. It is in fact working to expand its distribution and logistics so as to cater the needs of more customers especially those prime member. With its own fleet of cargo jets, delivery trucks and others, Amazon can offer its prime members same-day…

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