The Marriott Hotel

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2. With the newly proposed plan, the gap between first-class and non-first class has been lessen. Even though the luxurious vibe and prestige has been compromised, the new plan makes the service more accessible. The impacts it may inflict to the airline itself is inducing less cost since there would be no more maintenance and service provision in a first-class level. Also, they were also able to attract people who can afford the now business studios. Even though the first-class service has been removed, the airline made sure that the quality of service and commodity is not compromised. With this, they were able to keep their reputation. So, I guess, it’s a good move that even though they let go of one type of service they were able to provide an alternative one that caters to a new set of market and made it possible for the airline to cater more people by providing more seats. Which means that even though the selling price may be lower than that …show more content…
3. Even though Alibaba and Marriott hotel are not directly related in terms of what the sell and offer, still, a partnership between two different unrelated firms can lead to a lot of benefits for the both parties. Benefits that the members of the Alibaba’s loyalty program have already been stated. One benefit that the Alibaba could get is that they will have a larger number of members as the new additional members would want to avail of Alibaba’s Loyalty Program to enjoy the perks that the Marriott Hotel is offering.

For Marriott’s side, Marriott being able to attract possible customers through the partnership without adding another personnel to do the work of marketing would be the major benefit that the hotel would be able to get. Through the partnership, the hotel would be able to make their service more accessible to people using the

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