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  • Capitalism In China Case Study

    Alibaba, the leading online commerce provider in China, thrives by offering a wide selection of goods to the Chinese consumers. It had $403 billion of gross merchandise volume last year, which is more than eBay and Amazon combined. With the largest global initial public offering (IPO) of $25 billion and the annual revenue of 76.2 billion Chinese yuan or 12.29 billion American dollars, Alibaba further shows the capacity of Chinese consumers (Statista)…

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  • Jack Ma Case Study

    founder of an enigmatic e-commerce website, Alibaba, is an amazingly successful entrepreneur with global recognition and created a new history record for China. His creativity and innovative idea in adapting existing business concept based on successful foundations and applying the concept based on China’s environment has created new history. Since the rise of Jack Ma, a lot of attention with interviews, media coverage and speeches revolves around him and Alibaba, a company that bridge…

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  • Schumpeter And Opie Research Paper

    Everyone wants to be success, especially businessman. Any successful things can be attributed by getting a better way to do it. Innovation is the key to find out new methods of improvement. The core of entrepreneurial is innovation Based on the definition, entrepreneur is the person who sees an opportunity or gets an idea, would like to take advantage of that opportunity or idea to start a business. As a company, it is necessary to meet the demand of customers, when it comes out a new product or…

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  • Impact Of Single Day In China

    Singles day in China significantly affected Chinese commerce Singles day is a kind of entertainment festival spreading in young people, who are priding in celebrating themselves single (the meaning of "bachelor" is "single"). The date of November 11(also as 11/11), contains four Arabic numerals "1”, whose shape is like four “solitary stick figures”. At the same time, “Solitary stick figures” are sharing the same Chinese characters with “bachelors”, and bachelors means single, hence November 11…

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  • Aliibaba Case Study

    to be able to glance up outside China. The Company established the Alibaba Group Jack Ma has become one of the world giant companies who gain success. Hilt is the time of the initial public offering to the public (IPO) on Saturday (09/20/2014) local time, the official Alibaba shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange USA (NYSE). Alibaba is now the darling of the Chinese technology company. However, many people do not know Alibaba sad journey. This effort begins Jack Ma with struggles and…

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  • Ebay Research Paper

    Ebay Ebay is an online action service used to buy and sell items. The company uses an electronic platform to facilitate millions of transactions every day. Users seeking to purchase items make bids over a specific time period and the seller determines guidelines such as a minimum bid he or she is willing to accept. Payment is typically made electronically through PayPal and then the merchandise is shipped to the buyer. Pieere Morad Omidyar is a French-born Irankian-American Entrepreneur and…

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  • Customer Experience Paper

    perceptions of the online purchase supported by the inbuilt SP on their overall experience. After this, relating hypotheses are made according to previous empirical studies. Then, the primary data was collected by the online survey software based on Alibaba Company in a quantitative way. Next, the author analyzes the data using techniques including coding, sample segmentation, SPSS and structural equation model. Lastly, all above lead to the conclusion that inbuilt social platforms indeed has a…

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  • Helen Wang The Chinese Dream Analysis

    Helen H. Wang’s The Chinese Dream promotes an idea of ‘oneness’; the thought that balancing different perspectives, usually Eastern and Western, will create a better and more advanced world. The goal is for America and China to work – not to improve a single nation – but for the benefit of both. As a result, the rest of the world will improve too. In this ‘oneness,’ no one way of thought or action is best. Instead, they are all pieces in a puzzle that is a balanced, globalized world. Wang’s…

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  • Online Business Challenges

    This chapter critically reviews the work of previous researchers on the challenges facing the development of online businesses. Different research articles are compared in order to determine the views of different researchers on the challenges facing online business. This chapter of literature review is formed by four sections named “the concept of online business”, “the online business theoretical models”, “the normal literature-based challenges faced in online business domain” and “common ways…

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  • How Leaders Influence Organizational Culture

    Organizational culture is defined by the set of shared values and practices of an organization. Instead of a mandated doctrine, organizational culture is better described as an outcome of collective behavior, which cannot be dictated by leaders outright. However, leaders are capable of shaping the way employees think and behave and this paper will discuss how leaders can influence organizational culture in the Asian context. Organizational culture plays a great part in an employee’s overall…

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