Abnormal psychology

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  • Dual Diagnosis Research Paper

    The term “dual diagnosis” is used when a person has a co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues. Either the mental illness or substance abuse can develop first. A person experiencing a mental health condition (eg: depression, bipolar, anxiety) may turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication to alleviate the troubling symptoms they may experience (“F”, n.d.). Eventually, they become dependent on the substances to feel “normal”. Other times, repeated use of drugs or alcohol…

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  • The History Of My Skin Game Analysis

    Task I. If I could, I would rename Part One of Skin Game “The History of My Skin.” This would be a good title for this section because it it gives a the most background on Caroline Kettlewell’s life. It describes her struggle with anorexia and self-mutilation, her sort of broken family background, and her teenage years. Then I would title the final chapter “Closing Wounds.” This chapter is very short, but packs an emotional punch. It talks about how she just stopped one day, that after two…

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  • Mental Disorders: Dual Diagnosis

    Dual Diagnosis Akron A dual diagnosis is the manifestation of two mental diseases in an individual. A dual diagnosis is seen in drug treatment when a patient has a diagnosed psychological disorder in addition to their addiction. This claim of dual diagnosis is prefaced by the fact that addiction is a mental disease. Examples of mental disease commonly seen in combination with addiction in dual diagnosis scenarios: • Bi-polar disorder and alcoholism: Alcohol impacts the transfer of endorphins in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Homeless Veterans

    To serve your country means to put your life on the line for the lives of strangers, to come back stateside and find that those you protected look the other way when you are asking for help is shameful and unethical. Unfortunately, in America today there are about 49,933 homeless veteran, these are people who gave up part of their life for their country, people who are most likely suffering from PTSD or other mental disorder, and people who ultimately deserve better than the streets (“Fact…

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  • The Consequences Of Beauty

    The American culture portrays beauty in many different mediums, magazines, television shows, movies, and online. For decades women have been put under pressure to maintain a certain standard; girls in our current society are forced from a very young age to look, act, and feel a certain way. Women and young girls are obsessively trying to change their physical looks to have the perfect body that is portrayed in all types of media, although most of it is photoshopped and airbrushed pictures.…

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  • Routh Case Study Essay

    cannot disregard the chance that there was an underlying mental health condition. While medications are not going to work in every single case of PTSD, they nearly always have at least some positive effects on the patients. However, this case is quite abnormal; the medications seemed to have “made [him] worse,” in the words of his mother, Jodi. In addition, the morning that he murdered Littlefield and Kyle, he went through a break-up with his then-fiancée. Losing one of the few stable and…

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  • Abnormal Behavior In The Workplace

    introduced to a certain social norm, they will change their behavior closer to the norm to be accepted by the society. When people have behaviors that conform to the social norm of the society they are said to be normal, contrary to normal behaviors is abnormal behavior that is said to have extreme behaviors (Overbeck & and Park, 2001). Normal behaviors are said to be consistent with the behaviors of…

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  • Abnormality Model History

    Abnormality Models Rodney Thomas Sr. Western International University Abnormal Psychology BEH-440-3281 Mollie Surgine December 11, 2017 Abnormality Models and History Through clinical and behavior research over the years, it is suggested there are many things that can be responsible for abnormal behavior. For this reason models have been designed to seek out the root causes to some of these abnormal behaviors. My choices here are the humanistic model and, the behavioral model.…

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  • Application Essay: Why I Want To Study Psychology

    For me, psychology is the most relatable and fascinating area of study imaginable. I believe the main reason I find psychology so fascinating is the diversity in both the areas of study and the application. After studying it for only a few short months I knew that my passion would lead me to study it at University and go on to more meaningful things than I had imagined myself capable of. Abnormal psychology definitively intrigues me the most. It is fascinating to think that from the very…

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  • Abnormal Behavior Case Study

    defining what behavior is abnormal can be complicated. Abnormal behavior can be described as behavior that is dysfunctional or veer away from what society sees as the norm or commonplace. These abnormal behaviors can be recognized subjectively because the behaviors are not congruent with the norm expected of the particular group, age or society. According to the website Simplypsychology.org, in an article entitled Abnormal Psychology by Saul MacLeod, one is labeled abnormal when they behave…

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