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  • Pocahontas Informative Speech

    Powhatan tribe’s chief. Set in 17th century Virginia, free-spirited Pocahontas saves English explorer John Smith’s life from execution, and consequently, both embark on a tale of forbidden romance. True to the advertisement, 2 completely different worlds (the Native Americans and the greedy English) were brought together by the pair, and they narrowly avoid a costly war over land. Certainly, many remember this classic film from their childhood fondly, but do not know of the real truth of…

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  • Christopher Columbus Essay

    Before 1492, Europeans had mapped out the world as they knew it and used that knowledge to dominate trade and wealth. There was a never-ending struggle for power among much of Europe. Asia and the Middle East were contenders as well. Spain, France, and England were the boldest and had the most resources at the time. To gain the upper hand, Spain financed many voyages to find shorter trade routes to the West indies and Asia. The monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Incas

    should have been in the favor of the people already in the Americas, rather than the Europeans. In the videos (Guns, Germs, and Steel) this unit, when talking about the Inca Empire specifically, they are described as the most powerful state in the New World. The Incas also vastly outnumbered the Europeans but they were not as advanced as them. The Europeans were eventually able to dominate the Americas because of the resources available to them. Farming was a big advantage that the Europeans…

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  • The Impacts Of The Columbian Exchange

    were influenced by the Columbian Exchange. Would the world be the same way if it had never occurred? In 1492, Christopher Columbus, Spanish explorer send by Queen Isabella to open new trade routes into Asia, accidentally took a wrong route and ended up in an unknown world occupied by Native Americans. Because of this marvelous encounter, he was able to spark one of the most revolutionary event that changed and continue to currently change the world. The Columbian Exchange, just like its name, is…

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  • Columbian Exchange Effects

    arriving to the New World. His appearance to the New World brought about the agricultural lifestyle and influenced the way people lived. Tobacco, turkeys silver, and potatoes were various products that were exchanged to the Europeans. Earthworms also became noteworthy. Accidentally exchanged by the Europeans, earthworms impacted the agriculture by packing nutrients in the previously worm-free soil. Although there are many positive aspects of this trade of plants, animals, and new forms of…

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  • Neo Columbian Exchange

    The Columbian Exchange refers to the exchange of diseases, ideas, foods, crops, and populations between the New World and the Old World following the voyage to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The exchange not only brought gains, but also losses. European contact enabled the transmission of diseases to previously isolated communities, which caused devastation far exceeding that of even the Black Death in fourteenth-century Europe. The neo-Columbian exchange denned the Greater…

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  • When Worlds Collide Summary

    Meaning of the Title, “When Worlds Collide” In the first chapter of US History, the title, “When Worlds Collide” is given to describe this chapter. This represents that the Europeans and Natives had different cultures, diseases, plants, animals, and technology, as if they were in 2 completely different worlds, then met up with each other once Columbus set foot in the Americas. These worlds collided when Columbus, rather than sailing to India, accidentally sailed to the Americas in 1492,…

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  • The Travels Of Marco Polo And Marco Polo And Christopher Columbus

    “West.” This new global connection not only created positive effects, but it also created a few negative ones as well. The European and American perspectives vastly changed because of this new connection that was created. Before the connection came to be, Europeans believed there were multiple continents, unaware of how big the world truly was. The Europeans believed that new trade routes, adventures, and the spread of religion could be a good aspect to come out of exploring the world, but it…

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  • Native American Traditions And Encounters Chapter 1 Analysis

    Throughout these four chapters many things stood out to me. I found it interesting that Native Americans were welcoming of the new comers to their land, but for their European counterparts they did not welcome them into their new home in the New World. In history the white man has always had more power over the people who were not the same color. It has stayed a constant theme within history, when white men arrive to a certain location they either take everything and go or take everything and…

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  • Guns Germs And Steel Themes

    Through his book Guns Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond has masterfully woven together the historical developments across many cultures and different time periods. In doing so, he illustrates the historical themes that have been consistently relevant in human history. The main themes are interactions between humans and nature, development of cultures, state-building/expansion, and the evolution of economic systems and social structures. Throughout Guns Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond constantly…

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