Ethylene Gas Essay

  • Difference Between Bananas And Trader Joe's

    exposure to oxygen, which reduces ethylene production, resulting in a lower respiration rate. The broccoli packaging at Trader Joe’s could have been used to limit the amount of oxygen from reaching the produce or to allow carbon dioxide to build up in the package, reducing the respiration rate. Generally, lowering the O2 or increasing the CO2 exposure to produce can reduce the respiration rate. The packaging for the broccoli was also used to control the relative humidity surround the produce, resulting in a reduction of water loss. Packaging was not needed at Ralph’s for the broccoli because they were periodically misted with water, which reduces water loss. 3. Neighboring Products In general, the bananas and apples were surrounded by other climacteric fruits, whereas the broccoli was surrounded by non-climacteric fruits/vegetables. Climacteric fruits, such as: apples, avocados, mangos, bananas, etc. produce ethylene after being harvested. Non-climacteric does not produce ethylene after being harvested. The broccoli was located away from the high ethylene producing, climacteric fruits because it is extremely sensitive to ethylene. Ethylene is a ripening hormone that can cause produce to have a shorter shelf life. 4. Stress The only noticeable stress was found with the bananas at Trader Joes. These bananas had obvious wounds and injuries that were noted by dark brown spots and scars. Injury is the most severe form of stress because large amounts of ethylene are produced when…

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  • Analysis Of The Delphic Oracle

    The section has an examination of supporting evidence or contradicting conclusions, and suggestions for the further research. At the end of the discussion section, all the findings are joined together and summarized in a final statement. The Oracle paper has a complete analyzing of the evidence except for suggesting further research and possible contradicting conclusions. It seems that the purpose of this paper was to reinforce a previous claim about the Delphi oracle made prophecies after being…

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  • Analysis Of The Article: How Spiders Got Their Knees '

    For example, the article explains how a team of researchers have introduced a gene to a particular species of cyanobacteria that alters its metabolism in order to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene instead of sugars and starches (Heikkinen, 2015). The idea is that the ethylene produced by the genetically modified algae could replace using natural gas and petroleum to make ethylene, as it is an important base for many plastics (Heikkinen, 2015). One way that I learned about introducing genes is…

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  • Environmental Benefits And Cons Of Fracking

    ” The resource most commonly extracted using hydraulic fracturing is natural gas. The practice of hydraulic fracturing is highly controversial as proponents and opponents debate its environmental benefits and costs. To begin, the use of hydraulic fracturing has greatly increased in the twenty-first century. The first hydraulic fracturing experiment was conducted by the Stanolind Oil and Gas Corporation, but the experiment was unsuccessful. The Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company in 1949…

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  • Ptfe Lab Report

    The carbon supported PtFeS catalysts were prepared by a modified polyol method. In brief, 0.3 g carbon (Ketjen-black heat-treated at 2250 °C, SE = 160 m2 g-1) was dispersed in 135 g ethylene glycol. 5.993 g of 8 wt% H2PtCl6 (Umicore; Pt content, 39.8 wt%), 1.874 g of 8 wt% FeCl3. 6H2O (Sigma-Aldrich), and 0.352 g of 8 wt% (NH2)2SC (Sigma-Aldrich) previously mixed in ethylene glycol were added to the dispersion. The pH of the stirred reaction mixture was adjusted to ∼11 using 1 M NaOH dissolved…

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  • C. I Engine Using Plastic Pyrolysis Oil For Low Nox Emissions Using Taguchi Method

    simultaneously optimization of three parameter with four levels, taguchi method of optimization is used in this experiment. KEYWORDS: Low Density Poly Ethylene, High Density Poly-Ethylene, Poly Ethylene Terephthalate, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Poly Vinyl Chloride. I. INTRODUCTION Due to the fossil fuel crisis in past decade, mankind has to focus on developing the alternate energy sources such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy, and nuclear energy. The…

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  • Effects Of Water Hardness EEI

    Water Hardness EEI Water is a covalent molecule and is formed between one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. This is because oxygen needs to gain two electrons to become like neon and hydrogen needs to gain one electron to become like helium so they share electrons for each hydrogen atom and the oxygen atom ‘consider’ that they have achieved the noble gas configuration. This covalent bond forms a bent shape in order to share the necessary electrons. Water has many unique properties, one of…

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  • Economic Aspects Of Chemical Weapons Analysis

    and the acquisition of raw materials In the middle of June 1915, the government of French was influenced by an “energetic socialist politician.” This led Albert Thomas to control the use of guns and ammunition, especially on the control of the supplies of the chemical warfare. Even with an acceptable administration at the beginning of the Great War, the French government failed to supply the necessity percent necessary of chemicals. They failed to provide enough the supply of ethylene…

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  • Frracking Or Hydraulic Fracking

    Fracking or Hydraulic fracking, is the process of injecting high pressure of water into the ground to destroy rocks known as shale rocks in order to get oil and natural gas. Fracking is a fairly simple process but has several steps involved. Before oil companies can start drilling into the ground they have to find these areas known as shale areas or tight rock formation. Once they find one of these areas, they start to drill into the ground for about a mile. After the drill has gone down for…

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  • Dissolved Gas Analysis Essay

    1.0 REFERENCES 1.1 Sample Preparation and Calculations for Dissolved Gas Analysis in Water Samples Using a GC Headspace Equilibration Technique, EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory, RSKSOP-175, Rev.2, May 2004. 1.2 Light Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Samples via Headspace and Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection (GC/FID), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Laboratories, PA-DEP 3686, Rev.0, April 2012. 1.3 Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry, 14th edition…

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