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Define CrossFit
Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements
Define Variance
Preparing for random physical challenges -the unknown and unknowable events; by the use of very different loads, time domains and movements.
Define general physical preparedness (GPP) and identify the relationship of variance between GPP
GPP = broad, general and inclusive and variance creates this general condition which prepares you for the unknown
Explain the concept of 'failing at the margins of your experience' and how it relates to GPP and variance
Constant variance prepares you at your margins of experience to prevent failure at margins of experience
Articulate the difference between specialization and GPP
GPP is random and broad; specialisation is focussing on specific skills
Identify common pitfalls of confusing specialization with GPP
Specialization creates “fringe athletes” in that their fitness demands are so specialized as to be
inconsistent with the adaptations that give maximum
competency at all physical challenges.
Define Intensity
Intensity = Power (force x distance / time).
Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptions to exercise
What are the 7 defining characteristics of Functional Movement
natural, universal motor recruitment patterns, essential, safe, compound yet irreducible, core to extremity, high power producing
define Natural
involves the movement of multiple joints for every activity
define Universal Motor Recruitment Patterns
movements found in everyday life
define Essential
necessary for independent living, quality of life, and inhibits increpitude
define Safe
mechanically sound; safe post 1 max rep
define Compound Yet Irreducible
you cannot breakdown the movement into individual movements and get the same benefit
define Core to Extremity
midline stabilization that you maintain while you move
define High Power Producing
load, distance, speed
Identify the definitive characteristic of functional movements
move a large load a long distance & quickly
Articulate the descriptive characteristics of functional movements
squat, dead lift, push press
Define and calculate work
Ability to perform real physical work as measured by force x distance
Define and calculate power
time rate of doing work or force x distance/time
understand how relative changes in force, distance and time change power output
i.e. - 100lbs moved 20ft in 1min = 2000lb*ft/min.
i.e. - 100lbs moved 20ft in 10min = 200lb*ft/min.
i.e. - 10lbs moved 20ft in 1min = 200lb*ft/min.
Describe how power is related to intensity
Power = intensity
Articulate the relationship between intensity and results related to fitness goals
Intensity brings results