Pros And Cons Of Crossfit Essay

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Music blaring, clock ticking, and yelling; this may sound like chaos to you, but to most CrossFitters, this is what we can call our home. CrossFit is the best workout program for everyone. You use CrossFit in everyday activities, the intense workouts are good for you, and the training gets you feeling safe and comfortable before you start adding weight. The controversial topic of CrossFit raises many safety concerns, when, in fact, it is not dangerous. Over the last few years the CrossFit business has been getting larger and larger. CrossFit gyms, or in other words “boxes” (Worthington), have been popping up everywhere and not everyone knows what it is. “It’s a workout program that’s unpredictable, uncompromising, and raw” (Alfonsi). When …show more content…
CrossFit is a very intense sport and many think that that is what makes it unsafe, but that isn’t the case. “Despite this short duration, subjects still burned an average of 115.8 calories” (Babiash). A group of doctors performed an experiment on two athletes. The athletes each did a CrossFit workout and the intensity made them lose more calories than any normal workout program. Therefore, the high intensity workouts made them sweat and lose calories, which is healthy for you. Losing calories is a good way to maintain a healthy body weight. Not being overweight is safe for your organs and overall well being. When you sweat your body releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger positive thoughts and make it healthier and safer for your body and attitude. When you are happy and have an open mind you make safer choice. One great thing about CrossFit is that it makes you use more muscle tissue than aerobic cardio exercise (Dr. Mercola). There are three types of muscle fibers that are used in working-out. Super-fast fibers are useful in strength building and health. Also, the intense workouts can make you work off all the built up stress or anger. It acts as positive therapy and makes you clear your head so you can make safer

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