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"Practice-based learning and improvement in osteopathic medicine"

is a concept from what?
Six (7) Fundamental Osteopathic Medical Competencies
what are the 5 steps of evidence based medicine? (in order)

ASK (i dont know whats going on I need more info)
ACQUIRE (the info you get)
APPRAISE (is the info any good)
APPLY (should I and if so, how)
ASSESS (how comfortable am I at acquiring this info, etc)
what are the 2 types of knowledge?
background: general fundamental knowledge

foreground: clinical experience
describe background knowledge
Looks for general knowledge about a condition or process
Not specifically related to a particular patient
Typically is a relatively short, straightforward question
“What is …”
“Why …”
When …”
describe Foreground
Looks for specific information to inform clinical decision-making for a particular patient

use PICO
what is PICO

WHITE TEXT (probably on the test)
P atient and/or problem
I ntervention (exposure)
C omparison (if relevant)
O utcome

PICO: formulating the “good” clinical question
what is the usefulness of information equation?
U= (V x R) / W

U = usefulness
V = validity
R = relevance
W = work to access and understand (how much work it takes to get the info)
describe the acquiring info pyramid from bottom to top (7)
Bottom: lab research

case series/reports

case control studies


Randomized controlled clinical trial

Systematic review

Top: Meta-analysis
case series/reports are what
unique study that someone is putting out there for people to know (that is report, a few is series)
best study for its validity/accuracy is what?
meta analysis
what does a meta-analysis do?
combines the data from multiple studies and make conclusions from the data
what is the lowest in accuracy and validity for clinical decision making?
lab research
closeness of findings to the actual “truth”
Internal validity

extent to which the study properly measures what it intends to measure
External validity

extent to which the results of this study can be generalized to the patient/population of interest
Is the study applicable?
usefulness of the information to my clinical practice needs

Issues of cost, skills, access, practice structure