What Is Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)?

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Secretion Clearance Assistance Methods Neuromuscular Compromised Patients
Emily Martin RES600 Professor Erwin Monday May 2nd 2016
Evidence based medicine (EBM) is a current aspect of health care that is relevant for many reasons in respiratory therapy. This paper will examine what EBM is by looking at the concept of non-pharmacological secretion clearance methods, and how it is relevant within the realm of Respiratory Therapy, specifically for the neuromuscular compromised patients. As well as what to extent the professional practice of respiratory therapy and respiratory therapists (RTs) are informed by various types of evidence. The paper will compare three medical studies that support the evidence of secretion management
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Clinically relevant research is completed by obtaining data from current patient care, and applying results towards future therapies, and treatments that are integrated into patient care. Evidence that proves a success of treatment for certain medical conditions can lead to the development of a protocol at healthcare facilities, in response to the problem. These protocols would outlines steps in order to treat the condition and this may result in faster treatment, quicker resolution of problems, and potentially leading to the same outcome every time for specific conditions. Evidence based medicine can be difficult because it is only relevant to the patient at the proper time, situation, appropriate resources available and the correct “dose”. Evidence based medicine is not always perfect it can depend on the individuality of each patient and situation. Although evidence based medicine allows health care to be updated with the most current therapies and treatments which are more effective, safer, potent and …show more content…
Evidence can persuade a doctor to either choose or not choose a treatment, a treatment in which a Respiratory Therapist would then be in charge of implementing. In respiratory therapy effective and safe treatments need to be executed in the care of patients. This can only be achieved with up to date research, which involves finding the most appropriate treatments to be applied. EBM prevents the use of unnecessary treatments or therapies that may be respiratory in nature. An example of this is, expensive medication with no proven empirical evidence of having a positive effect on a patient’s condition. There is an abundance of research posted every day, but not all research is extensive enough to come to a true solution for problems that a health care provider will encounter with a patient. Evidence based medicine provides the respiratory therapist with the ability to incorporate best practice into their daily practice. RTs are informed of EBM thorough clinical practice guidelines and protocols that are developed, textbooks, professional journals and lectures. Attending conferences or participating in webinars is a way for RTs to get exposure to upcoming relevant treatments that are in their trial process and have achieved some success in

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