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What does "complex wording" refer to?
It just refers to a survey question that involves too many complicated words -- will throw off reader/subject
What is a response set?
"yea-saying" or "nay-saying" -- people that just say yes to everything
What is reverse coding?
Changing the expected answer to a question to the opposite side of the spectrum to detect response sets
When would it be good to use open-ended questions?
When you're having a hard time operationalizing the definition of a variable
What is a Chi-Square test?
It looks to see if two categorical variables are related
What is a sampling error?
It's any error that is due to variance in your sampled group of people
What is a type 1 error?
It's the possibility of rejecting the null hypothesis, when the null is actually true.
What's a type 2 error?
It's the possibility of failing to reject the null hypothesis.
What is the power of a test?
1 - (beta)
What are selection differences?
This is a threat to internal validity that arises when the people selected to be in the conditions might differ in some systematic way.
What is a solomon four-group design?
It's a design where half the participants get the posttest, and the other half get both pretest and posttest.