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Surveys are used to collect research data from a subset of a population. Respondents are asked to provide information on their attitudes and feelings towards a particular subject or issue.
This is used to collect standardized data when a research conducts a survey.

Correlation research

This is used to establish relationships between variables.

. Correlation research is based on the computation of a statistical score.

A perfect correlation is. +1 or -1.


. A correlation result tells the strength of the relationship as well as its direction.

. A positive Correlation indicates that as one variable increase. For eg, as unemployment rate in, crime rates also increase.

. A negative correlation indicates that as one variable increase the other decre. For eg as an individual streds level increase his or her health condition decrease.

Experimental method
Tis is an investigation in which a hypotheses is scientifically tested.
Case study
Cse study are dept investigations of a single person group invent or community.

.Data are gather from a variety of sources and by using several methods.

. This metod often evolves observing what happends or re structing the case history of a single participant or group of individuals.

Psychological test
These are instrument That are used to measure how much of a specific psychological construct an individuals has.
Observation method
The observation method is a non esperimental design. The obsence of an independent variable does not allow any cause - effe t conclusions to be drawn from observational research.