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Factors that limit flexibility

ligaments/tendons in joins, muscle tissue, bone/joint structure, skin.

Muscular enderance

Number of repeated reps a muslce can perform without fatiguing

Muscular strength

Max force a muscle can develop during a single contraction

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Ability of the heart, blood, and lungs to deliver adequate supply of oxygen to exercising muscles

Body composition

The sum of fat weight and free fat weight


Amount of movement that a joint can do.

Why are strength gains higher in men?

Testosterone causes greater hypertrophy.

Pulmonary circulation

Circulation of blood by the heart & lungs.

Systemic circulation

Circulation of the blood by the rest of the body

Performance interval training

To improve competitive performance.

Fitness interval training

To improve overall fitness

Slow twitch muscle fibers

Type1- have greater aerobic capacity (Dark or red in color)

Fast twitch muscle fibers

Type2- have less aerobic capacity (White in color)

Cardiac muscle

Involuntary, muscle in heart.

Skeletal muscle

Voluntary, contracting by a build up of lactic acid.

Immediate muscle sorness

Caused by build up of lactic acid

Delayed onset muscle sorness

Cause by small tears in connective, tissue surrounding the muscle withing itself.


Aerobic -utolized withing first 30 seconds of exercise

Lactic acid

Builds up after 30 minutes of heavy exercise leaving you tired


Utalized from oxidative system while running a marathon in 3 hours. Leaves you fatigued afterwards

Body-fat percentage of fit women


Bodyfat of fit man


Muscle pump

Rythmic squeezing action of large muscles against the veins within these muscles

Ejection fraction

Is 50% at rest and can increase to 100% during excercise

Androbic threshold

Is reached somewhere between 50% to 85% of maximal effort

Optimum exercise intensity for fitness improvements is in the range of approximately?

60-90% of maximal heart rate

3 joint types

Fiborus, cartilaginous, & synovial

Fibrous joints

Heald tightly together by fibrous connective tissue and have no join cavity (little/no movement) Bones of skull, joint between tibia and fibula, joint between radious and ulna

Sagittal plane

A Longitudinal line that divides the body or any of it's parts into right and left sections.

Frontal plane

Longitudinal line that separates the body into anterior(front) and posterior(back) parts

Transverse plane (horizontal)

Divides the body or any of it's parts into supperior (toward the head) or inferior sections (away from head)


Top surface of the foot and hands


Sole or bottom of the foot


Rewional term referring to the portion of the back between abdomen and pelvis


Area between neck and abdomen (chest)


Term for neck

Flexion and extension

Occur in the sagittal plane

Abduction and adduction

Accure in frontal plane

Rotation of femur&humerus occut at?

Femur/hip joint

humerus/shoulder joint

Supination & pronation of the forearm accure in what plane?

Transverse plane

1 gram of protien and 1 gram of carbs has how many calories?

4 calories

1 gram of fat has how many calories?


What is the moderate intensity level for VO2?



Jump training-stretching the muscles prior to contracting them

What is the stretch reflex?

Myotatic flex

4 components of resistance exercise that are key to improving funtional performance?


Range of motion

Type of contraction

Speed of movement

Rest period for muscular enderance


Rest period for hypertrophy/strength

30-120 seconds

Rest period for maximal strength/power

2-5 minutes

Active isolated stretching

Performed in sets of a specified number of reps. With goal of isolating an individual muscle in each set

Elastic stretch

Elongation of tissues that recovers when tension is removed

Cognitive stage of learning

Learners make many errors

Associative stage

Learned basics -can refine skills

Autonomous stage

Skills are automatic

Impingement syndrome

Difficulty performing exercises that require the arms to be above the head for extended periods of time.

Anterior (ventral)

Front side of the body

Posterior (dorsal)

Back side of the body


Top half of body


Bottom half of body


Midline of the body


Toward the midline if body


Away from midline of body


Toward the attached end of the limb, origin of the structure, or midline of the body


Away from the attached end of the limb, origin of the structure, or midline of the body


External; located close to or on the body surface


Internal; located further beneath the body surface than the superficial structures


Reginal term referring to the neck


Reginal term referring to the portion of the body between the neck and the abdomen; chest(thorax)


Regional term referring to the portion of the back between the abdomen and the pelvis.


The sole or bottom of the feet


Top surface of feet


Anterior or ventral surface of the hands.

Sagittal plane

A Longitudinal (imaginary) line that divides the body or any of it's part into right and left sections

Frontal plane

A Longitudinal (imaginary) section that divides the body into anterior and posterior parts. Lies at a right angle to the sagittal plane.

Transverse plane

Also known as the horizontal plane. And imaginary line that divides the body or any of it's parts into supperior and inferior sections.