Cellular Respiration

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I’m aware that all exercise is not created equal and this is where aerobic and anaerobic exercise come in. Although the two may differentiate, both burn fat as well as boost metabolism. During aerobic exercise, oxygen is carried through our breath to the muscles giving them sufficient intake of energy needed to sustain long periods of light activity without needing to take energy from another source. During anaerobic exercise, there is no oxygen being carried to the muscles, therefore these activities occur over shorter periods of time. The demand on the muscles causes the muscles to break down sugars, resulting in higher lactic acid production.
Predict how many times more powerful aerobic exercise is than anaerobic exercise:
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I predict also a higher rep count during stage 1 (aerobic exercise) as a pose to during stage 2 (anaerobic exercise). Cellular respiration is the process of energy production and consumption within the body and during cellular respiration there are many bonds being broken of sugars and ATP. I felt warmer after lifting the dumbbell because whenever a bond is broken, energy is released in the form of heat as a by-product to normal energy. Oxygen is a vital part to cellular respiration and oxidative phosphorylation because without it there would be no hydrogen ions being pumped across to form ATP. In aerobic respiration, approximately 30 ATP’s are created whereas in anaerobic only 2 are created because of the lack of oxygen. During strenuous exercise, such as lifting, muscles require glucose (and glycogen) as fuel faster than oxygen can be provided. Oxygen is important because it helps to do the lifting. Your muscles go into anaerobic cellular respiration because of low oxygen which causes lactate fermentation (lactide acid) to form. This is evident in the beginning of stage 2 because of the burning or aching sensation in the muscle fibres. During lactate fermentation in cells, the pyruvate which was produced during glycolysis is converted to lactide acid by oxidizing an electron …show more content…
When there’s is a lack of oxygen, anaerobic respiration occurs. Anaerobic respiration occurs most often during vigorous and strenuous exercises. As the muscle runs out of oxygen, it quickly switches to lactate fermentation to create energy. The first step to anaerobic respiration is glycolysis which uses enzymes to break down glucose into other molecules, metabolizing energy in the process of doing so. To keep the metabolism going, fermentation produces the enzymes which are necessary to work, thus creating the by-product lactide acid. Lactide acid causes fatigue as well as stiffens the muscle fibres while creating an aching pain. Anaerobic respiration is seen as a less effective form of cellular respiration because the fermentation creates very little

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