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What is distinguished by its flora, fauna and climate?


How are biomes distribution influenced?

By temperature and rainfall

The variety of living things is known as what?


The term used to describe where an organism lives.


It is made up of the community and habitat. (The living and non-living parts)


Define a population

Group of one species within a given area.

What term is given to many populations in a given area?

A community.

Define a niche

The role an organism plays in the community.

List 3 interactions within a niche

Competition, Predation and parasitism

Competition for food, space, light, predation and diseases are examples of which factor?

Biotic factors

Light intensity, pH, oxygen concentration, water current are examples of which factor?

Abiotic factors

List 3 examples of the impact of human influences on biodiversity.

Over-exploitation, intensive farming, habitat destruction, genetic pollution, pollution, Climate change.

Explain how predation can affect biodiversity.

They keep the number of prey down to ensure enough resources for all organisms.

Explain how grazing can affect biodiversity.

If there is no grazing the dominant species will overtake and reduce the biodiversity. If there is a high level of grazing then it keeps the dominant species down allowing for less dominant species to grow and thrive.

What is interspecific competition?

Competition between different species.

What is intraspecific competition?

Competition between the same species.