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Name this vessle


Which leaf structure is the main site of photosynthesis?

The palisade mesophyll cells

Where are the xylem and phloem vessels contained within the leaf structure?

The vein

Which area in the leaf structure allows for the exchange of gases and allows water to evaporate out?


What controls the opening and closing of the pores in the leaf?

Gaurd cells

An area within the leaf cell which contains moist air spaces to aid with gas exchange.

Spongy mesophyll cells

What are the outermost layers in the leaf structure?

The upper and lower epidermis

Name this vessel

Name this vessel


What is the function of the phloem vessels?

To transport sugars from the leaf to the rest of the plant.

What are the two functions of the xylem vessels?

To transport water from the roots to the leaves of a plant and to provide the plant with with support.

Why does the phloem vessels have a companion cell?

To provide the vessels with energy.

Why do xylem vessels contain rings or spirals of lignin?

To help provide the vessels with support by giving the walls strength.

How do the stomata open and close?

The guard cells fill with water during the day to open the stomata and at night the water leaves the guard cells to close the stomata.

"Thepassage of water from the roots to the leaves and out into the atmosphere"

This defines what process?

Transpiration or the transpiration stream

Which cells are important in the transpiration stream for allowing water to be absorbed from the soil into the roots of a plant?

Root hair cells

What is the route taken by water in Transpiration?

Soil > Root hair cells > xylem vessels > Spongy mesophyll cells > Air spaces > Atmosphere.

What factors could affect the rate of transpiration?

Temperature, Wind, Humidity and Air pollution

What factors would cause an increase in the rate of transpiration?

Temperature and Wind

What factors would cause a decrease in the rate of transpiration?

Air pollution and Humidity.