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What is meant by the word Variation?

Variation is the differences which are within a species.

Define discrete variation

Variation which has distinct groups. It is controlled by alleles of a single gene or a small number of genes.

Define continuous variation

Variation which has a range of values and often has to be measured.

Give 3 examples of discrete variation

Blood type, eye colour, shoe size, hair colour, number of spots on a lady bird, flower colour, wrinkled of smooth peas, etc

Give 3 examples of continuous variation

height, foot length, hand span, stem height, arm length, weight, etc.

Which type of variation is most common of an individuals phenotype?


What is polygenic inheritance?

When characteristics are controlled by two or more genes.

What is the term for two forms of the same gene?


What 2 terms can you use to describe alleles which are both the same.

Homozygous or true breeding

What does heterozygous mean?

When alleles are both different.

What does F1 represent?

The first generation

If black coat (B) is dominant and golden coat (b) is recessive, what will the phenotype and genotype be of the F1 offspring if a true breeding black coat dog and a true breeding golden coat dog breed.

Black coat and Bb

What does phenotype mean?

The physical appearance of an individual

What genotype mean ?

The genetic make up of an individual and is usually represented in symbols (BB)

Why do the offspring of crosses not always show the expected ratios?

Because fertilisation is a random process and due to the random assortment of alleles