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Name a sampling technique which is used to sample the abundance of ground plants and slow moving organisms.


Identify 1 possible source of errors when using quadrats.

1. Not enough samples taken 2. organisms are identified incorrectly 3. Organisms are wrongly counted.

Identify 1 way to reduce a possible source of errors when using a quadrat.

1.Throw a large number of quadrats to getmore reliable results. 2.Use a key to help identify organisms. 3.If the organisms are only partly in thequadrat have a rule for counting them.

Why would an individual use a pitfall trap?

To sample small ground dwelling animals

Identify 1 possible source of error in using a pitfall trap.

1.The top of the trap is not level with thesoil surface, organisms will not fall in. 2.Birds may eat trapped animals or theorganisms will eat each other. 3.Organism may die from drowning. 4.Flying organisms or spiders may be ableto get out.

Identify 1 possible method of reducing errors in using a pitfall trap.

1.Make sure the hole is deep enough for thetrap to be level with the soil surface. 2.Place a lid of leaves etc ontop of the trap for camouflage. 3.Make holes in the bottom to stop itfilling with water.

What would be used to measure light intensity?

Light meter

What would be used to measure moisture in the environment?

Moisture meter.

What instrument would be used to measure temperature?


Identify 1 possible error in using a light meter

1.You could be casting a shadow on themeter2. The light intensity can change because ofclouds. If you want to compare the lightat different places this can affect your results.

Identify 1 way of reducing an error when using a light meter.

1.Make sure no one is casting a shadow onthe meter.2.Take all measurements at the same time ofthe day.3.Take lots of readings so that you canwork out an average. This makes yourresults more reliable.

Identify a possible source of error when using a moisture meter.

1.Moisture from a previous measurementcould be left on the probe and affect the next reading.

Identify how to reduce a possible source of error when using a moisture meter.

To wipe the probe after each reading.

What could be used to identify unknown organisms?

Identification keys

What is this:

1. It is a science subject .... go to 2

It isn't a science subject .... go to 3

2. Experiments don't work ... Physics

experiments usually stink .... Chemistry

3. Involves learning about the past ... history

Involves using paint brushes .... Art

A paired statement key