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What is photosynthesis?

it is the process where light energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy in the form of glucose.

What is the word equation for photosynthesis?

........................light energy ................................

CO2 + H2O ------------------------> Glucose + O2

........................Chlorophyll ................................

What are the stages of photosynthesis called?

-Photolysis/ light dependent stage

-carbon fixation

In Photolysis/light dependent stage, what 2 things are needed?

Light energy and water.

What does light energy do to water in photolysis/light dependent stage?

Splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen

What happens to oxygen in photolysis/light dependent stage?

It is release back into the atmosphere.

Light energy in photolysis/light dependent stage is converted into a chemical energy. What is this chemical energy?


In carbon fixation, what 3 things are needed for this stage to take place?

ATP, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

What is ATP broken down into?

ADP + Pi

What are the fates of glucose that is produced in photosynthesis?

-Used for cellular processes (e.g. growth, repair, respiration)

-Stored as starch

-used as a structural carbohydrate cellulose.

What is a limiting factor?

A factor which could limit the rate of photosynthesis.

List 3 limiting factors.


carbon dioxide concentration

light intensity

Describe what is happening in this graph

Describe what is happening in this graph

As the carbon dioxide concentration increases, the rate of photosynthesis also increases until it reaches a point then the rate remains constant.

Explain what is happening in this graph

Explain what is happening in this graph

Carbon dioxide is a limiting factor, so increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide, increases the rate of photosynthesis until it reaches its optimum. Once it reaches the optimum the rate stays constant as another factor is limiting the rate.

If the temperature for photosynthesis is too high, what will happen to the rate of photosynthesis? why?

It will stop, because the enzymes for photosynthesis will denature.