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Private sewage disposal systems in Alberta are regulated by

Private Sewage Disposal Systems Regulation AR229/97

The maximum volume of sewage to be produced and disposed on a property is

25 cu metres (5500 gal)

Sewage systems over what size require an engineer

5.7 cu metres (1250 gal)

A sewage system over 25 cu metre must meet the standard satisfactory to the ________


On site water treatment systems start at a point _____ upstream of the first treatment component but not include the building drain

1.8m (6ft)

Who may a permit issuer issue a permit to in the private sewage discipline

A private sewage installer

A restricted private sewage installer of holding tanks

An owner who resides in the single family home

An owner of a farm

What gases may be present in sewage

Hydrogen sulphide





Gasoline and other vapours

How far from the bottom of the sewer shaft shall a ventilation tube be placed and for how long before entry

No more than 6in and for 15 min

The three primary treatment components that are most common are

Septic tank or chamber

Effluent chamber

Holding tank

What bacteria is used in septic tanks


What is the minimum time that sewage must be held in holding compartment

24 hr

Compartments that receive raw sewage are known as

Working compartments or septic chambers

The material that floats to the top of the chamber is called


The material that settles to the bottom of the chamber is called


The resulting liquid is called


Raw sewage must be retained for a minimum of

24 hours

The chamber must be a minimum depth of

900mm (36in)

The maximum elevation difference between the outlet and the invert of the inlet is

75mm (3in)

The septic chamber must be how much longer than it’s width

2 to 3

The minimum travel length from inlet to outlet is

1200mm (48in)

The chamber must contain an airspace or scum capacity above the liquid level

225mm (9in)

What must be installed on both the inlet and outlet pipes in a septic chamber

Baffles, Tee wyes or 90 elbows

Baffles, tee wyes must be short enough to extend no less than ______mm and no more than ______mm below the liquid level

75mm (3in) to 125mm (5in)

If a Tee wye is used the minimum space above the open side of the fitting is

25mm (1in)

What is the minimum size opening for a manhole on a two manhole tank


The minimum size manhole for a single manhole tank is ______ with a minimum clearance over each side of the chamber of _____



Joints between manhole and manhole extensions should be

Watertight sealed

To prevent accidents, all tank lids must weigh at least


If a tank uses a fibreglass extension, the lid must be

Fastened with stainless steel fasteners

Effluent discharged from he effluent chamber must be _______ into a field and not trickled


What is the minimum size sewage holding tank


The minimum size of a working chamber is

740 gal

Sizing of septic tank is not based upon occupancy but by the

Number of bedrooms and Peak demand

Sewage/septic tanks that are buried less than _____ shall be covered with


R8 insulation

If a sludge layer is more than ____ or then scum layer is more than _____ then the tank should be cleaned

18in and 9in

The prime function of the septic chamber is to

Clarify wastewater

What type of bacteria is found in the septic tank


Effluent can be discharged to a field by either

A siphon or pump

How is a septic tank activated

By using 5 gal of sewage per person and warm water