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Purpose of a safe start check performed by the module?

Ensures the module doesn’t sense a false flame

On a DP ignition, what happens after the module conducts a safe start check?

The spark & main burner gas are turned on

Maximum high limit of a forced air conversion furnace?

250 F

120 C

What does the ignition module activate when first energized?

Ignition & pilot valve

What will a poor ground on the ignition module cause?

No main flame

Max length of flex connectors on a vented & invented appliance?

Vented = 2’

Invented = 6’

Bury depth on residential & commercial gas lines?

15” residential

24” commercial

When is a gas inspection point required?

When more than 25’ of gas line is under concrete or pavement

What is the ROT to find minimum size of a chimney serving a single appliance?

One size smaller than the vent connector

Maximum length of an air supply?

20’. If longer than 20’ increase one size up to 50’

Only damper allowed on a residential appliance?

Thermal activated damper

What type of system regulators above .5psig?

Positive shut off type

On a C3H8 2psi system how far is system regulator allowed inside building?

3’ or 1m maximum

A corrugated metal connector shall not exceed 2’ in length when?

Connecting a suspended appliance or a decorative appliance

The maximum range of a test gauge shall exceed test pressure by at least_____, but not more than _____?



Power vents use 100% _____?

Negative pressure

How far above a roof must a direct vent terminate?




Where is the draft regulator located when installed in conjunction with a power vent used on a cat. 1 appliance?

In the vent connector where positive pressures will not occur

What is the purpose of a draft regulator on a power vent?

Maintain atmospheric pressure & allow purging of vent