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Water skimmers are required for every how many m2

Every 40m2

Where are hair and lint catchers installed

Ahead of the recirculating pump when pressure filters are used and ahead of vacuum cleaner pumps

What is the recommended pH level

6.8 to 7.6

What are the most common piping materials

PVC and copper

How is chlorine added to public pools

Gas feed chlorinators

Swimming pools must be tested for

PH and chlorine

What is the name given to diatomaceous earth mixed with water


How many water closets are required for swimming pools

1 for every 25 people

How many complete water changes are required for public pool

6 every 24 hr

(Every 4hrs)

Where must a drinking fountain be located

At the shallow end of the swimming pool

How many showers are required

Minimum of 3


What is commonly added to raise pH level after adding chlorine

Soda ash

Open filters use what filtering media

Diatomaceous earth

What factors determine the capacity’s a swimming pool pump

Size of pool

Number of water changes in 24hr

Maximum number of bathers

When is backwashing off a filter required

When negative pressure of 35 to 58kpa is indicated on the pump suction

A gas chlorination must be able to supply how much chlorine per 45m3


What percentage of water should come from the top of the pool through skimmers/gutters


Define the term “residual chlorine “

Total chlorine - free chlorine = residual chlorine

What is the best pH level for swimmer comfort


What treatment method may be used to remove taste and odor

Super chlorination

During super chlorination the chlorine level is brought up to between

6 and 10mg/L

At what temperature should pool water be kept between

24 and 26C

Wading pools should be changed

Once every two hours

Water tests are performed every

4 hours

Alum may be added to the water after what piece of equipment and before what piece of equipment

After hair catcher and before makeup tank

Gauges are installed where on pumping equipment

On either side of the pump

Inlet and outlet of the filter

When sand filters of any type are used, what should be added to the water as it returns from the pool


What type of pumps are used


How many hose bibs should be installed

1 in each dressing room

1 on the pool deck