Utilitarianism In Business

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The operations of a business stems out to factors such as employment, economic growth, revenue, and consumer satisfaction, however, an amalgam of variables start to flourish once a business and their practices impact the environment. Should the government regulate harsher terms on the aspect of a business that pertains to the impact of the environment? To approach this question, taking the analysis of an ethical theory such as Utilitarianism, will suffice. Earth’s environment is the only one we have, and the regulation through government interference concerning a business environmental impact should be applied only if the outcome can benefit the greater amount of people. To tackle the question with the theory, understanding the meaning of …show more content…
The Utilitarianism theory also takes into consideration the consequences of an act that will deem the act morally right or wrong. All living organisms require a supply of water in some way or fashion to sustain life. “It is estimated that one in nine people on Earth (780 million) do not have regular access to clean drinking water; polluted water brings with it risks of ingesting toxic chemicals, but water-related illnesses still kill some 3.4 million people a year.” (Mosser, K 2013) Water pollution is caused by many toxic chemicals making their way into rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water. Filtration systems aren’t able to cure 100% of the dozens of toxic substances introduced into clean water. Consumption of water is vital to human existence. “Unsafe water causes 4 billion cases of diarrhea each year, and results in 2.2 million deaths, mostly of children under five. This means that 15% of child deaths each year are attributable to diarrhea – a child dying every 15 seconds” (WHO 2002) This would reduce the death in places like India, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan that barely have 20% of their population able to access clean water. Between industrial sewage and domestic sewage, educating people on everyday tasks and companies of their …show more content…
Providing for your family, having an adequate salary to compensate for your labor to live a happy life that’s maintained by having money as the cycle of work, salary, bills, retirement, medical and dental coverage, all covers the basic needs of happiness. The Earth is not fragile, and may not only withstand human intervention, but regenerate itself through cycles to become good as new. Business practices that impact the environment are necessary to keep people from losing their job in different career fields such as coal miners, oil, chemical, and fuel transporters, agriculture jobs, and many others. “Plant breeders now know the sequence of nearly all of the 50,000 or so genes in corn and soybean plants and are using that knowledge in ways that were unimaginable only four or five years ago.” (Turk & Bensel 2014) The use of pesticides is one major way the United States increases food production. Pesticide crop protection is crucial to the aid of its life expectancy that I was able to see first-hand how great the loss of crop production there is without the use of such chemicals. Pesticides have a great effect on creating a longer lasting product in the short and long term to benefit human existence. Despite some negative impacts on the environment as we openly apply this toxic substance like many others, the world is still standing strong. Along

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