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Knute Rockne, the Notre Dame football coaching legend of the 1920s, exchanged a series of letters with a University of Illinois Professor who has since become known as the "Father of Sport Psychology." Who was this person?
Coleman R. Griffith
What's the best way to characterize a "booster?"
Overzealous university supporter
John Gagliardi, football coach at St. John's University in Minnesota was somewhat of a maverick because he..
had a unique philosophy that includes: no blocking sleds or tracking dummies, no scrimmages, no scholarships, 90 min practices in sweats or shorts, players can call him John
Billy Joe Hardbody has coached the same NFL team for 10 years. As such, he...
Is probably a winning coach and has little failure
The coach is riding one of his players unmercifully, and is using a good deal of sarcasm in the process. The type of communication being used is called...
The coach is using a lot of body language in the process of communicating with his team. In communication terms, the coach is using...
How is the Machiavellian personality characterized?
In coaching, one who manipulates others indirectly rather than laying down the law
Drawing from treaties such as The Prince and The Discourse, what did Christie and Geis formulate?
Mach Scale (to measure Machiavellian Personality)
What is the most recent addition to the sources of stress for coaches in college athletic programs?
Constant evaluation by the internet
Coach Craig Morton was a spokesman for the 40-hour week for professional football coaches. Most likely, Morton was...
violating the time-honored coaching norm of whoever works the longest succeeds.
Which coaching system was developed by Smith, Smoll, and Hunt?
Coaching BEhavior Assessment System (CBAS)
I am dedicated to improving youth sport by focusing on such issues as hazing in high school athletics, character development in youth soccer, and the creation of coaching curricula. Most likely, who am I?
Dr. Dan Gould (ISYS)
There are many coaching programs that have been developed for youth sport. The safest thing we can conclude about these programs is what?
They are part of a growing program to make youth sport experiences as positive as possible
Females in 1904 represented 1% of the total participants in the recently revived Olympic Games. In the 2004 Games, that figure was closer to...
What can be said about the availability of coaching positions for women?
Declined because of role conflict, incomplete occupational socialization, outright sex discrimination
The gender of the athletic director and the gender of coaches he or she hires is often the same. This phenomenon is referred to as...
Homologous Reproduction
Black coaches are more likely to work with team athletes...
Who play peripheral, not central
The relationship between psychological hardiness and coaching burnout is a relatively new area of inquiry in sport psychology. In general, what can be said about the relationship?
Hardiness is a personality constructs in burnout research
The most elaborate of the available tests for measuring burnout is the...
Maslach Burnout Inventory - General Survey (MBI-GS) or Athletic Burnout Questionnaire (neither is superior)
This luminary travels the world giving talks and writing articles on racial issues in sport. He is also Director Emeritus of the National Consortium for Academics and Sport. Most likely, he is...
Dr. Richard Lapchick
With regard to fitness, it is safe to say that...
The fascination with fitness has led to an explosion of workout facilities, fitness equipment, tv ads, billions spent on nutritional aids
Bodily movement produced by the skeletal muscles that result in the expenditure of energy is the definition of...
Physical Activity
Harriet the Harried Housewife is fatigued after chasing her 4 young children (all under age 5) all day. She tells her husband, Unflappable Fred, that she gets her exercise chasing the children. Technically speaking, Harriet is...
Incorrect; exercise is specifically aimed at fitness
Joe is a blue-collar worker and you are trying to get him to join your fitness club. Most likely...
he will drop out after 6 months
Spousal support...
Shows that spouse's attitude is more important than own
Greist and a host of research collaborators have found running to be...
As successful as traditional psychotherapy; save money and time
Results of studies of the effects of riding a bicycle and sexual dysfunction...
Biking can lead to erectile dysfunction
Research results indicate that as much as 50% of the effects of taking antidepressant medications may b e attributed to placebo effects. This statement...
Was part of a citation by Kirsh and Sapistein
There are many studies of the ameliorative effects of exercise as a treatment or treatment adjunct for major depression, and all are supportive of this relationship. This statement...
is true
Physical education early in one's life at school...
is important for physical fitness
According to the leading authority on positive addiction, the exercise most likely to bring on the condition is...
Hausenblas and Symons Downs have reviewed the literature on exercise dependence and have...
Determined that exercise dependence is hampered by lack of experimental research, lack of theory driven studies, inconsistent control groups, failure to operationalize, improperly validated assessment instruments. (Also developed the Exercise Dependence Scale)
Possessing any three of the symptoms of fatigue, withdrawal, intention effects, loss of control, excessive time, life conflicts, and unusual continuance define...
Exercise dependence
More and more people are running marathons. The effect on the average time it now takes to run such a race...
Average increases
The range of estimates for the frequency of the runner's high is from ______ to ______
9% to 78%
There was an ultramarathon which was run the 3,000 miles from Las Angeles to New York City. Entrants in that grueling event...
the 25 who finished averaged 41 miles a day for 84 consecutive days
Only a few studies of ultramarathoners have been conducted thus far. Preliminary results...
indicate higher on extraversion and openness to new experience (similar to other athletes)
Thane Baker, an Olympic sprinter from the 1950s ran, a 100-yard race as a 52-year old in how many seconds?
10.99 seconds
The Senior Games...
National competition every 2 years in 18 sports. For athletes over 50.
It has been estimated that ______ of all professional football players in the NFL retire with serious physical impairment.