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Ian has a grudge against everything and everybody. When watching hotly contested basketball games, he tends to get upset with the officiating and the intense play of some of the opposing players. On several occasions, he has left the gymnasium early because of his frustrations and inflicted random damage on cars in the parking lot. This expression of behavior is also know as what?
displaced aggression
Rick, an excellent slowpitch softball hitter, can place the ball well and forcefully when he so chooses. One of his real joys is hitting the ball at opposing pitchers with full intent to injure. The enjoyment of seeing the pitcher writhe in pain represents what?
hostile aggression
The reduction of a drive by expression is called what?
The instinct theory of aggression suggests what about aggression?
aggression is brought on by both (eros) need for sex, and (thanatos) avoiding self-destructions with aggression against others
What can be said about temperature, noise, and crowding at sporting events.
-temperature increases aggression
-noise increases arousal
-crowding itself is not, but a factor when aggression exists
Fred, an impressionable youth hockey player, is prone to repeat behaviors that he observes being reinforced in older aggressive players. This phenomenon is called what?
vicarious reinforcement/punishment
1970s tennis legends Ilie "nasty" nastase and John McEnroe were reputed to be players who held their opponents in considerable disdain. At the same time, they were eqaully disliked by most of their opponents. If Jennings Bryant and others are correct, spectator enjoyment of matches between either of these two and assorted oppenents would be what?
"human drama of athletic competition" focuses on competition and enjoyment of drama
When the score is close, what can be said about aggression?
it is relatively rare
The term aggression comes from the latin word aggredi, which means what?
approach, advance, attack
One of the more important contemporary figures in psychology has been the eminent Standford professor, Albert Bandura. Among other notable accomplishments, his name has long been associated with which approach to explaining human aggression?
social learning theory
"I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out." This bit of humor is attributed to whom?
Rodney Daingerfield, comedian
What can be said about the widely held impression that hockey is a form of mayhem?
players look haggardly, missing teeth, speed is breathtaking, sticks flying, bodies sacrified
Data gathered in 1995-1996 from NHL indicated what about american players?
80% of penatly minutes
What can be said with regard to gender differences in aggression?
women are less prone to resort to voilence. NO BALLS
In several studies of violence against officals conducted by Rainey and colleagues, the most likely person to strike or otherwise abuse and official is whom?
players (41%)
In 1998, there were 29 assaults of officials reported in soccer in the state of Texas. The most likely perpetrator of these attacks was whom?
player (12)
Research strongly suggests what about officials?
refferees are more commonly being assaulted, mostly by players
Umpire behavior, according to Rainey, is governed by what?
-eliminate perceived officiating injustices
-take part in workshops on aggression and violence in sport
Tonya harding was part of a famous incident in which she and her husband allegedly conspired to attack a fellow Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan to get her out of the competition, thus making it more likely that Harding would win a medal. Since that ugly event in 1994 what has happened in her life?
gave up skating, did pornos and wrestling and boxing. run ins with police involving alcohol abuse
Jerry Quarry was one of the best professional boxers in the world at one time. Upon retiring from the ring, what happened to him?
80 year old brain @ 52; brain was compacted to "a grapefruit that had been dropped a dozen times"
how do most coaches view motivation and arousal?
you are born with it or not
What are the different types of attribution bias?
information/perceptual/motivational/self-serving attributional
With regard to the original Weiner model, what has research indicated about the original four elements which determine task outcome?
Weiner's updated three-dimensional attributional model suggests what about atheltic ability?
they are internal and stable
What is the emphasis on in the perceived competence model of Harter?
the role of evaluation by significant others
The motivation to maintain or enhance one's feelings of worth or self-esteem is at the heart of which attribution model?
functional attributional model
"To overcome obstacles, to exercise power, to strive to do something difficult as well and as quickly as possible" is the definition of what?
acheivement need
Dr. asshole, a sport researchers, is interested in conducting research concerning the need to achieve. Based on past efforts in the area, Dr. asshole will most likely use which measurement instrument?
Thematic appercention test
Maggie was a seldom-used member of a youth fastpitch softball team that recently won a state championship. according to the cognitive evaluation theory of Deci, the trophy maggie received being on the championship team would have what effect?
extrinsic motivation
Shelby loves to play baseball, and his parents have to drag him off the vacant lot every evening to do his homework and get some rest. When he started organized baseball, his parents were quite upset that the league did not offer trophies for the kids at the end of the season. Taking something that is inherently interesting to a child and superimposing external rewards, such as trophies, to the mix illustrates what?
extrinsic motivation
Levenson;s multidimensional locus of control scale is said to assess what?
extent to which a verson has an internal or an external locus of control
What was discovered in te study of "stayers" and "leavers" in a major football program
players who stayed appeared to have an early realization of the role chance factors might play.
The "my way or the highway" approach to human relations (or coaching) is reflective of which type of orientation to locus of control on the part of the person espousing such a philosophy?
powerful others
What could be called the "cousins" to the locus of control construct?
perceived control, personal causation, explanatory style.
The behavioral approach to studying leadership arouse out of what?
D) leadership studies conducted by OHIO state in the 1950s
Leaders are studied and behaviors categorized. Then, a checklist is created from the earlier categorization exercise. Finally, leader effectiveness is evaluated on such things as group morale, employee turnover, and productiveness. this process exemplifies which approach to leadership?
Behavior Theory
In the life cycle theory of leadership, what can be said about the leader who is low task/low relationship?
"delegating" freedom for decision making is left in the hands of the followers
Mike is a big Xs and Os kinda coach and is a very task-oriented guy. Which leadership role is he filling in terms of the functional model of leadership?
informational leadership.
What does former NBA superstar Charles Barkley have to say about harmony?
Its not important the only thing that matters is winning and getting paid
Which theory of group cohesion that stresses and oscillation between conflict to cohesion over time?
Pendular model of cohesion
What do critics of the Group Environment Questionnaire (GEQ) say?
if overused, it can lead to conformity and lessen task success
What does GEQ stand for?
Group Environment Questionnaire
The multifactor leadership questionnaire (MLQ) was developed by bass to asses five aspects of which leadership model?
trait theory
Research seems to indicate that one model of leadership is more effective than others. Which is it and why>?
Multidimensional model of sport leadership
- it looks promising to leadership researchers in sport psychology
What can be said about the notion of mere presence as a factor in social facilitation?
it increases the rate of performance, but lowers the accuracy of the responce
What can be said about the pessin and dashiell in the 1930s?
they both did research on the mere presence hypothesis
What can be said about drive theory in social facilitation as espoused by Zajonc?
the presence of an audience increases physiological arousal
In order to expand the area of social facilitation, a call has been made for what?
more cognitive explanatory models
What can be said about the home disadvantage?
It has an effect in critical games
What has research by Baumeister and Steinhilber demonstrated about errors in game 7 of the baseball world series and free throw shooting in game 7 of the NBA playoffs?
The visiting team did better than the home in game 7.
Raquel and Rocky are prone to wear their LA Lakers paraphernalia in greater abundance and splendor after their favorite team's successes. However, they take losses very hard and personally, and are not aware of their tendency to leave the LA Lakers in the closet after defeats. To Cialdini and his associates, these twin tendencies by them are a part of what?
What can be say about B-I-R-Ging?
(Basking in reflective glory) it can be used to enhance ones self-esteem to associate yourself with winners.
In the context of chocking under pressure in sport, it has been suggested that the interplay of the parasympathetic nervous systems is a major factor in creating the situation. This state has also been called what?
Louise, a triathlete, is painfully aware of her own social identity and is apprehensive about how this identity will impinge on her athletic performance. This phenomenon is known as hwat?
stereotype threat.
Gertrude is young, and anxious about how others perceive her. She zealously aviods situations in which she has to reveal herself physically to others. In the language of the psychologist, Gertrude suffers from what?
fundamental needs
If one were interested in assessing how young people feel about themselves in the physical domain, what might be the assessment device of choice?
physical self-description questionnaire
What does the sport motivation scale of Joe Willis measure?
motive to achieve success, motive to avoid failure, motive to achieve power.
What is the conclusion of Locke et al., in their analysis of 110 goal-setting studies?
goal-settings theory is as applicable in sport as it is in business or research
Vealey's delineation of the sources of sport self-confidence has been useful to sport psychologists studying the issue. "feeling that I look good" and "feel like i look fit" are subsumed under one of the nine sources isolated by Vealey. Where do those statements best fit?
physical self-presentation.