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According to Nixon's formulation, the progression of physical activity goes in what order?
Play > Recreation > Games > Sport
In Nixon's formulation with regard to physical activity, "pick up" or neighborhood basketball represents an example of what?
In discussing the education function of the sport psychologist, what are we referring to?
Teaching students and informing coaches, athletes, exercise participants, and others about the discipline of sport psychology
Biofeedback, mental rehearsal, and imagery are function subsumed under which function in sport psychology.
application function
What are the names of the North American professional sport organizations?
1. North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity(NASPSPA) / 2. Association for Applied Sport Psychology(AASP) / 3. American Psychology Association (APA) / 4.American Alliance for health and Physical Activity (AAHPA) / 5. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS) / 6. North American Society for Sports History (NASSH) / 7. North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)
What do you know about the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. (AASP)
Arose 1986, orignally AAASP, (Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology). Made NASPSPA less of a force
Attesting to the continuing influence of agents in the professional sports, for what amount did Leigh Steinberg recently sell his buisness for?
How much was Carolyn Davidson, the graphic designer who created this famous Nike Swoosh in 1971, orignally paid?
Sport as a human endeavor has been popularized by what?
Greeks ISSP
What are the reasons for accounting for the emergence of sport psychology over the past several decades?
There has been more demand by pro-athletes
The listing put out by the U.S Olympic Committee concerning sport psychology is referred to as what?
who can do what debate
What can be said about using the word "sport" in front of the word "psychologist"?
It doesn't change the legally defined word of psychologist. Only a psychologist can call themself a sport's one
What can be said about the AASP certification process leading to the title "certified consultant"?
It identifies individuals as having met AASPs rigorous educational and training standards.
What can be said about the ethics code guiding sport psychology practice?
It has been the major focus of the AASP since 1986
What did the unearthing of the Palace of Minos in 1871 contribute to our understanding of sports in early Greece?
It showed that a lot more sports existed including Taureador Sports(bulls n' shit)
Iliad and the odyssey where authored by whom
In the Early Olympics, woman generally were not allowed to watch the games. The only exception to this rule was ___?
The time period from 1200BC to 700BC has been referred to as what?
Homeric Greece
What did the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle have to say about physcial fitness?
The education of the body must precede that of the intellect
Who was the legendary athlete in early Greece who was capable or incredible feats of strength?
Milo of Croton
What can be said about chariot racing among the Byzantines?
It was one of the most important events in the life of an ordinary citizen. Race days had gambling eating and shouting. Provided a unique kind of excitement in their lives
Who were the ascetics?
A group of people who ran a lifestyle of abstinence of all worldly pleasures.
Who was one of the earliest proponents of sports as means of promoting national identity?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
What was the contribution of the Germans during the Age of Enlightenment?
Gymnastics and playgrounds
What do you know about skittles, fives, shinny, and rounders
They were games that are similar to ours today.
Skittles = blowing
Fives = handball
Shinny = hockey
Rounders = baseball
What were the technological innovations of the late 1800s that added to the sophistication and enjoyment of sports?
Railroads, telegraphy, printing, sewing machines, incandescent lighting, vulcanization of rubber.
What do you know about taverns in Colonial America?
They turned into focal points for social life in the colonies
In what year was the first sport section in a newspaper appear?
What was the most significant test of The Blue Law of 1974?
When the Philadelphia athletics scheduled an afternoon game on sunday
What was The Civil Rights Act of 1964 on sports?>
They allowed the integration of African Americans and minorities into sports
Dr. Assfugler, is proponent of the school of thought in psychology that espouses optimism and individual initiative. Most likely, the happy doctor is a devotee of which perspective movement psychology?
Humanistic Psychology
Who wrote The Behavior of Organisms, Walden Two, and Beyond Freedom and Dignity?
B.F. Skinner
Babe Ruth used a 54 ounce bat in his day and modern slugger, Luis Pujols, uses one what weights 31 ounces. What can be said about this statement?
Its a TRUE statement
What can be said about studies of baseball legend Babe Ruth and modern slugger Luis Pujols?
They were almost identical in their perceptual and motor makeup
What can be said about working with boxers to help them improve their psychological skills?
To see if they believe in ethical beliefs or actual ethical practice
What can be said about academic courses in sport psychology ethics?
Ethics were embedded in non ethics course work to deal with ethical issues
Gio Valiante has worked with many professional golfers on their mental games. He has used the term, "caveman golf" in reference to what?
see the ball, hit the ball
Who is one of the leading sport psychology figures in the area of team building?
Jeff Janseen
Amoung the criteria for AASP certification, what can be said about knowledge of psychopathology?
47% of respondents in a survey didn't need AASP certification.
"Sewickley Academy first high school to employ a sport psychologist." What do you know about this newspaper title?
It was in Beaver County (Pennsylvania) Time