Sports Psychology Research Paper

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1.0. INTRODUCTION TO SPORTS AND EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY Sports Psychology is defined formally as the study of effect of psychological and emotional factors on sport and exercise output. It can be read as sports and exercise involvement on psychological and emotional factors.

Theories and techniques of sports psychology is broadly discussed under Applied sports psychology . Many techniques improves performance and personal growth in sports people.

Exercise psychology works with the general public to increase their motivation and encourage good lifestyle and advices on psychosocial benefits that a physical activity can provide.
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In the ancient Greek age there was a vast use of psychology of sports and exercises. They were devoted to preparation, concentration, moderation and relaxation approach. Exercise psychologist promoted the motto” Mens Sana “which means healthy mind in a healthy body. Thousand eight hundred years ago the first innings of present day sports psychology came in to being. Hermann Von Helmholtz, a Professor in Edinburg University described on intervals of exercise in sports people. In 1926 the coaching of psychology came into existence. In 1928 there was a existence in psychology and athletics. In 1960 in the Western World there was progress in modern day sports psychology. They defined sports psychology with various intervening factors like anxiety, motivation, team dynamics, motor skills. In 2008 April, sports and exercise psychology launched at the Society Annual Conference followed the formation of sports and exercise psychology and did the establishment in the same.

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• Avoid predictions about outcome based on the initial step in case of beginners
• The use of motor ability grouping should be designed for a better outcome in sports
• Conduction of tests to detect motor abilities in various sports skills should be tried out

6.0 ELABORATE THE INFLUENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY ON PERFORMANCE LEVEL IN SPORTS Internal and External Psychological factors leads to mental blocks, break in focus and preparation, injuries to the athlete and bad performance. The reasons are :
• Muscle tightening
• Increased perspiration
• Shaking
• Fear


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