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Sports psychology is the science that applies the principles of psychology to sport. Psychology is the study of the mind, metal processes and behaviour. The principles of psychology are often used by athletes and coaches to improve and refine performance, and to give athletes and team an edge over their competitors. (Hede et al, 2011, Pg2)
SLIDE 2 - What are you going to do in this presentation?
In this presentation I will be presenting my discoveries of the use of Sports psychology techniques to improve performance by decreasing anxiety, optimising arousal and increasing the direction of effort and intensity towards touch football.
SLIDE 3 - What did you do to determine a current level of performance?
In order
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Motivation can have a significant influence on athletes’ performance. (Hede et al, 2011, PG 11)
There are two types of motivation they are; Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Intrinsic Motivation refers to an individual’s enjoyment to something, whereas Extrinsic Motivation refers to an individual completing a task for external rewards.

SLIDE 12 – My Motivation for touch football
My Motivation for touch football is Intrinsic Motivation. This is because I enjoy the type of sport that touch football is, running up the field, catching and passing. All though my main type of motivation in my participation in touch football is Intrinsic there is all so an extrinsic factor because I do want to achieve good grades.

SLIDE 14 – Goal
My goal is… too initiate the touch 100% of the time and also not to overstep the mark when placing the ball on the ground.

SLIDE 15- Review of Goal and Performance
Throughout simulated games, training sessions and video footage it is shown that I have achieved my goal of “Initiating the touch and not overstepping the
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(Amendroz Pg. 63)
Imagery has reduced my anxiety by letting me image a play or routine that I need to complete throughout a game. One thing this has done is rapidly decrease my anxiety levels from a high level to a median level which is optimal for an athlete to work at their best. An example of where I used Imagery throughout training sessions and games is when I imagined myself performing a rucking routine.

Imagery has improved my motivation by allowing me to imagine a play like for example a wrap or a dump slip before I go out and complete it out on the field. This helped me increase my motivation towards touch football because once I picture a routine that I had to complete it gave me confidences to go out and complete that plan that I envision in my mind.

Imagery has improved my arousal by showing me that once I pictured myself running a play in my mind it gave me confidents that I could go on to the field and run a play step by step.

Self-talk is a technique used to increase concentration .Self-talk is based on the theory that what people think to themselves has an effect on the way they behave. (Amendroz Pg.

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