She Walks In Beauty Essay

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Is This the Love You Prefer? Love is a topic that many may find interesting, but is it only love itself or how the love is described within the reading? In the poems “She Walks In Beauty” by Lord Byron and the “Morning Poem” by Robin Becker we can see two ways that love is used differently. While some would love to talk about the beauty of their significant other, others would love to describe how they would treat their significant other. In a way one admires the beauty of a person while the other one admires the beauty of the body, and mind of a person. When reading “She Walks In Beauty” you can see that the way love is used in this poem is very innocent. Here Byron speaks about a nameless woman who comes off very intriguing to him. He …show more content…
This really depends on the reader themselves and preferably them be coming of age as well. Both poems can intrigue different readers and sometimes maybe even the same readers. When reading about love one can assume that people want to be able to feel and relate to what the author is saying. A person of younger age might be able to relate to “She Walks In Beauty” because they know how it feels to have a crush on another kid and see their effortless beauty. For those who might have experienced something around the lines of what is described in the “Morning Poem” then they can feel exactly how the writer felt, which might be harder for a child to experience since they probably have not experienced that. The tone in a poem is an important aspect when speaking of love. This is going to set the voice for the entire poem. It could either be slow, soft, loud, and even intense. This can give the reader a feel for the poem as well. Anybody can just read the words “I love you” but that sounds plain, now if you were to read “he stuttered to get across his words, but he looked up at her and softly said “I love you””. With his tone you can tell that it was pure, but as well with the image of him stuttering you can get the since of him being

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