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Professor Jones has long been a proponent of the cognitive approach to psychology. As of this date, it is safe to say what about the professor?
He believes that consciousness and thinking are mediators of behavior
What are the different types of attributional bias?
Informational, perceptual, motivational, self-serving attributional.
Attribution research in sport psychology is...
substantiated with Biddle
Weiner's updated three-dimensional attributional model would suggest that athletic ability is...
internal, stable, and uncontrollable
With regard to the Casual Dimension Scale of Russell, the evidence...
leads to reservations about the applicability to sport research
The motivation to maintain or enhance one's feelings of worth or self-esteem is at the heart of the ____________ attribution model.
Lulu, a better than average athlete and a fairly typical human being, is prone to assume too much responsibility for her success and too little responsibility for her athletic failures. This is one interpretation of the tendency known as the...
self-serving attributional bias
Dr. Grizaffi, a sport researcher, is interested in conducting research concerning the need to achieve. Based on past efforts in the area, Dr. Grizaffi will most likely use the ....
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
The crux of motivation theory advanced by McClelland and Atkinson lies in the need for ....
Shelby loves to play baseball, and his parents have to drag him off the vacant lot every evening to do his homework and get some rest. When he started organized baseball, his parents were quite upset that the leagues did not offer trophies for the kids at the end of the season. Taking something that is inherently interesting to a child and superimposing external rewards, such as trophies, to the mix illustrates...
Extrinsic Motivation
The impetus that has propelled the locus of control construct to a position of importance in psychology has been provided by...
Rotter (1966)
In the study of "stayers" and "leavers" in a major football program...
Players who stayed appeared to understand the role that chance might play
According to results from a study by LeUnes and colleagues, collegiate football players, when compared with nonfootball playing college peers....
College football players scored higher on the power others dimension than nonfootball players
"Cousins" to the locus of control include...
Perceived control, personal causation, explanatory style
Sidney Jourard, a self-theorist of some repute in the past, has stated that the self-concept is more prescriptive than descriptive. Jourard is suggesting that the self-concept may be viewed as a...
Pledge to continue to be the person he believe he is
If one were interested in assessing how young people feel about themselves in the physical domain, the _____________ might be the assessment device of choice.
Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ)
Fox and Corbin suggest four components of a model that they say captures the essence of the relationship between physical self-perception and psychological well-being. What are the four components?
Attractive body, physical strength, physical condition, sport confidence
It is the conclusion of Locke et al., in their analysis of 110 goal-setting studies, that....
specific, but difficult goals are more facilitative of performance than easy, vague, or no goals
SMART goals are associated with the work of...
Smith (1994)
Vealey's delineation of the sources of sport self-confidence has been useful to sport psychologist studying the issue. "feeling that I look good" and "feel like I look fit" are subsumed under one of the nine sources isolated by Vealey. Where do those statements best fit?
Physical self-presentation
The Iliad...
Provides early Greek examples of leadership quantities
LEaders are studied and behaviors categorized. Then, a checklist is created from the earlier categorization exercise. Finally, leader effectiveness is evaluated on such things as group morale, employee turnover, and productiveness. This process exemplifies the ____________ approach to leadership
Behavior Theory
A consultant is looking at your front office in terms of the style of leadership used by management personnel. One of the steps involves the administration of the Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale. Clearly, this assessment is steeped in the __________ leadership model.
Trait Theory
Mike is a big X's and O's kind of coach and is a very task-oriented guy. He is filling the ________ leadership role in terms of the functional model of leadership.
Tractor Traylor, a hard-nosed, no nonsense kind of coach, is a big-time guy when it comes to X's and O's. At the same time, the sees that he needs an assistant with some softer edges on him, someone who will contribute more to the psychosocial climate on the team. In the functional model of leadership, this assistant coach will most likely assume the ___________ role on the coaching staff.
The theory of group cohesion that stresses and oscillation between conflict to cohesion over time is the .....
Pendular model of cohesion
The group cohesion model that emphasizes the steps of forming, storming norming, and performing is the...
Linear model of cohesion
the most promising of the available team cohesion assessment measures is the GEQ which stands for...
Group Environment Questionnaire
Kelly and Smelly are soccer teammates and very close friends off the field. Based on data reported many years ago by Klein and Christiansen, Kelly and his odoriferous buddy would...
pass to each other more often even to the detriment of the team.
Research seems to indicate that one model of leadership is more effective than others, which one is this?
Chelladurai's Multidimensional Model of Sport Leadership
A veteran baseball player who has not batted very often during the latter parts of the season is called upon to pinch-hit in the World Series. With regard to audience effects, Zajonc would predict that the audience would...
have a positive influence
Pessin and Dashiell, in the 1930s...
Developed / challenged the mere presence hypothesis
Cottrell's theory of social facilitation differs from that of Zajonc by adding the element of ...
evaluative apprehension
In order to expand the area of social facilitation, a call has been made for more ...
Cognitive explanatory models
Landers and Wankel have taken the position that the arousal-cognitive model is attractive because of its emphasis on...
informational or cognitive aspect
Research by Baumeister and Steinhilber has demonstarted that errors in game 7 of the baseball world series and free throw shooting in game 7 of the NBA playoffs...
depicts a home team disadvantage in critical games
According to Varca, the home advantage...
is a result of the home team's functionally aggressive play and the away team's dysfunctionally aggressive play
Basking in reflected glory (ex: "we won")
Cutting off reflective failure (ex: "they lost")
Louise, a triathlete, is painfully aware of her own social identity and is apprehensive about how this identity will impinge on her athletic performance. This phenomenon is known as...
Stereotype threat
"Dancing is a contact sport. Football is a collision sport." This quote was made by:
Vince Lombardi
Rick, an excellent slowpitch softball hitter, can place the ball well and forcefully when he so chooses. One of his real joys is hitting the ball at opposing pitchers with full intent to injure. The enjoyment of seeing the pitcher writhe in pain represents...
Hostile Aggression
Prosocial behavior, according to data from Eron's longitudinal study of aggression, is...
Ap predictor of whether one will grow up to be prosocial
The instinct theory of aggression suggests that aggression is...
a result of life wish (eros) and death wish (thanatos)
The two primary mechanisms at work in the social learning approach to explaining aggression are
aggression is reinforced by aggression and overly aggressive athlete is a negative model ??
Fred, an impressionable youth hockey player, is prone to repeat behaviors that he observes being reinforced in older and aggressive players. This phenomenon is called....
vicarious reinforcement
A decrease in personal identity and self-evaluation coupled with an increase in group conformity is known as...
When the score is close...
Aggression is rare
Across period of play, it appears that aggression...
For winning teams is linear. For losing teams is curvilinear (more aggression in the middle)
One of the most important contemporary figures in psychology has been the eminent Stanford professor,l Albert Bandura.l Among other notable accomplishments, his name has long been associated with the ____________ approach to explaining human aggression.
Social Learning Approach
Theagenes of Thasos....
Won 1400 championships, killed 800 opponents during his 20 year career
The widely held impression that hockey is a form of mayhem....
Is a result of players looking haggard, missing teeth, the speed of movement is breathtaking, sticks seem to be flying...
According to Smith's typology of violence, body checks and hits to various parts of the body constitute...
body contact
with regard to gender differences in aggression....
Females are less likely to display aggression
Kristy, a female soccer player on a college team, seldom acts in an aggressive or violent manner during competition. Kristy....
is not affected by certain stimuli ???
In 1998, there were 29 assaults of officials reported in soccer in the state of Texas. The most likely perpetrator of these attacks was a ...
Fans at sporting events...
should be protected from interfering individuals
Umpire behavior, according to Rainey, is governed...
by fear of failure, fear of physical harm, time pressure, interpersonal conflict
The phrase "kill the ump" is...
Endorsed in a figurative but not literal sense
Jerry Quarry was one of the best professional boxers in the world at one time. Upon retiring from the ring, Jerry Quarry...
By age 52 his brain was similar to that of an 80 year old man. His brain was compared to a grapefruit that had been dropped dozens of times.