Organizational Stress Case Study

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Fletcher, & Hanton (2003b), A conceptual distinction between the 3 themes of competitive and organizational stress are: the differences in the cognitive processes underlying the responses to these demands, the specific origins and nature of the stressors encountered, and the appropriateness of interventions to manage organizational strain versus competitive anxiety. The contemporary theory describes stress not as a factor that is within an environment or individual, but how the relationship between the two evolves.
Anshel, & Delany (2001) study the different kinds of stressors among junior athletes in field hockey. These stressors can be positive or negative. There are two types of stress coping mechanisms athletes use to manage these stressors and they are avoidance and approach strategies. Normally athletes who use the approach strategy to cope with stress are those who have received positive appraisal from coaches, peers, and parents. Avoidance strategy using athletes are those who have experienced some type of negatively perceived situation among their sport/activity and this can occur before, during, or after the sport/activity. Most of the coping strategies and appraisals used fall in line with the transactional model of stress and coping. This model is used to evaluate the process of coping with a stressful event. Stressful experiences are depicted as person-environment transactions. The significance of the transactions depends uniquely on the external

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