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Application service provider (ASP)
A company that offer3s an org access over the Internet to systems and related sercvies that would otherwise have to be located in personal or ofanizational coputers
Associate progarm (affiliate program)
Businesses can generate commissions or royalties from an internet site
Banner ad
small ad on one website that advertises the products and services of another business usually another dot-com business
Web site in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order.
Brick and mortar business
A business that opperates in a physical store without an internet presence
Business to Business (B2B)
Applies to businesses buying from and selling to eachother over the internet.
Business to Consumer (B2C)
Applies to any business that sells its products or services to consumers over the internet
Clickstream data
Records information about a customer during a web surfing sesson such as what web sites were visited, how long the visit was, what ads were viewed and what was purchased
Click and mortar business
A business that operates in a physical store and on the internet
A count of the number of people of people who visit one site and click on an advertisement that takes them to the site of the advertiser
Applies to any consumer that sells a product or service to a business over the internet.
A small file deposited on a hard drive by a Web site containing information about customers and their we b activities
Digital Darwinism
Orgs that cannot adapt to the new demands placed on them fro surviving in the info age are doomed to extinction
Digital divide
When those with access to technology have great advantages over those without access to technology
Digital wallet
both software and information--the soft-ware provieds security for the transaction and the info includes payment and delivery infomration
Disruptive technology
A new way of doing things that intitially does not meet the needs of existing customers
the conduction of business on the internet, not only buying and selling, but also serving customers and collaborationg with business partners
E-business model
an approach to conducting electronic business on the internet
The buying and selling of goods and services
Involves the use of strategies and technologyies to transform govs by improving the delivery of services and enhancing the quality of interaction between the citizen consumer within all branches of government
consists of a number of e-shops;
a veersion of a retail store where customers can shop at any hour of the day without leaving their home or office
Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP)
System that sends bills over the internet and provides an easy to use mechanism to pay the bill
Electronic catalog
Prsents customers with information about goods nad services offered for sale, bid, orauction on the internet
Electronic ccheck
mechanism for sending a payment from a checking or savings account
Electronic data interchange (EDI)
A standard format for exchanging business data
Electronic marketplace (e-marketplace)
Interactive business communitities providing a centyral market space where multiple buyers and suppliers can engage in e-business activities
Scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or passowrd to decrypt the information
the b2b purchase and sale of supplies and services ofver the internet
an intranet that is available to strategic allies
Financial cybermediary
Internet based company that facilitates payments over the internet
Financial EDI (financial electronid data interchange
Standared electronic process for B2B market purchase payments
Hypertext transport protocol (HTTP)
the interent standard that supports the exchange of information on the WWW.
Information reach
refers to the number of people a business can communicate with, on a global basis.
Information richness
Refers to the depth and breadth of information transferred between customers and businesses
measures the visitor interactions with the target ad.
Agents, software, or business that brings buyers and sellers together that provide a trading infrasturcture to enhance e-business
A global public netowrkd of computer network that pass information from one to another using common computer protocols.
Internet service provider (ISP)
A compnay that provides individuals and other companies access to the internet along with additionals related services, such as Web sit building.
An internalized portion of the internet, protected from outside access, that allows an organization to provide access to information and applicaton software to only its employees
publicly accessible computer system that has ben set up to allow interactive information browsing
Maintenance, repair, and operation material (MRO) (indirect material)
Materials necessary for running an organization but do not relate to the company's primary business activities
Mass customization
Ability of an organization to give its customers the opportunity to tailor its products or services to the customers' specifications.
Mobile commerce or m-commerce
the ability to purchase goods and services through a wireless internet-enabled device
Online ad (banner ad)
Box running accross a web page that is often used to contain advertisements
Online service provider (OSP)
Offers an extensive array of unique services such as its own verstion of a web browser
Occurs when a web site can know enough about a person's likes and dislikes that it can fashion offers that are more likely to appeal to that person
Distribution of audio or video files such as radio programs or music videos over teh internet to play on mobile dvices and personal computers
Pop-under ad
Form of a pop up ad that users do not see until the close the current web browser screen.
Pop-up ad
Small web page containing an advertisement that appears on the web page outside of the current we site loaded in the web browser
A wev site that offers a broad array o resources, such as e-mail, online iscussion groups, search engines, and online shopping malls.
a standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission
Pure-play (virtual) business
A business that operates on the internet only without a physical store
Real simple syndication (RSS)
Family of web feed formats used for web syndication of programs and content
Using the internet to reassemble buyers, sellers, and other partners in a traditional suppply chain in new ways
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a web site in search engine listings
Secure electronic transaction (SET)
Transmision security method that ensures transactions are secure and legitimate
Secure socket layer (SSL)
Creates a secure and private connection between a client and a server computer, encrypts the information, and sends the information over the internet
Service level agreement(SLA)
Defines the specific respobsiblieites of the service provider and sets the customer expectations
Uses a variety of deceptive techniques in an attempt to amnipulate search engine rankings
Sustaining technology
Produces an improved product customers are eager to buy, such as a faster car or larger hard drive
Value-added network (VAN)
A private netowrk, provided by a third party for exchnangin information throug a high capacity connection
Viral marketing
Technique that induces web sites or users to pass on a marketing messsage to other web sites or users creating exponential growth in the messages visiblity and effect
Wireless Internet service provider (WISP)
An ISP that allows subscibers to connoect to a server at designated hot spoets or access points using a wireless connection
World Wide Web
A global hypertext system that uses the internet as its transport mechanism