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The E-commerce in immediately
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E-commerce is the modern business activities that through computer technology, network technology, and telecommunications technology to help trading. It is a continuous optimization process which realization of electronic, digital, network-based transaction. In this process, it will supporting by the use of the Internet, extranet, e-mail, database, electronic catalogs and mobile phones to finish electronic funds transfer trade. According to Chaffey (2011), “All electronically mediated information exchanges between an organization and its external stakeholders.” Although the basic tools of e-commerce trading
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According to Afuah (2004), a revenue model is a framework for generating revenues. It identifies which revenue source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value. It can help to description of how a business will earn income and where the profit come from. The revenue come from subscription, pay for view, and CPM or CPC advertisement on site, sponsorship, affiliate, and subscriber data foe email marketing, and access to customer for online research etc.

Dynamic business model is an architecture for product, service and information flows. It describes the ability to automate business model within an open framework. In order to achieve the purposes which can make costs decrease and improve productivity, it added technological development into the business operations, make the traditional business activities operate more
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E-Tailer also called E-Shop, it is the most catholic business model, the four types in E-Shop are virtual merchants, bricks-and-cricks, catalog merchants and manufacturer-direct. Content Provider is mainly about syndication digital content trading. Transaction Broker is a B2B mode which deal with online trading, it create value for saving money and time, the large amount of income is from transfer fee. Long-Tail is about the more or less of the selling, it focus on the large amount of niche product, and describe as the shift in the media business. Freemium is focus on the strategy which fee first and expand after. However, it is worth mentioning the Long Tail and Freemium

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