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Linking Decoction
Yi Guan Jian
Yi Guan Jian herbs
Sheng Di Huang 18-45g Clear Heat Cool Blood
Gou Qi Zi 9-18g Tonify Blood
Sha Shen 9g Tonify Yin
Mai Men Dong 9g Tonify Yin
Dang Gui 9g Tonify Blood
Chuan Lian Zi 4.5g Regulate Qi
Yi Guan Jian: What is the overall pattern?
This is yin deficiency of the Liver and Kidneys with concurrent Qi stagnation
Yi Guan Jian: What causes the pain in the chest & hypocondriac
Insufficient Liver Blood depriving the channel of its moisture
Yi Guan Jian: Which 2 deputy herbs nourish & enrich the yin of the stomach & lung
Mai Men Dong – Sha Shen
Yi Guan Jian: Name the envoy herb used to disperse the constrained liver qi & relieve pain
Chuan Lian Zi
Yi Guan Jian: This formula is commonly used for what 2 disorders
Chronic Hepatitis – Cirrhosis
What is the principal symptom of KI Yang Deficiency
Systemic exhaustion
Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan herbs
Sheng Di (sub Shu Di) 24g Clear Heat Cool Blood
Shan Zhu Yu 12g Astringent
Shan Yao 12g Tonify Qi
Fu Zi 3g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Gui Zhi 3g Dispel WC
Ze Xie 9g Drain Damp
Fu Ling 9g Drain Damp
Mu Dan Pi 9g Clear Heat Cool Blood
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan: This is the classic presentation of ____ deficiency with insufficiency
fire at the _______
Kidney Yang deficiency – Gate of Vitality
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan: What causes the tenseness at the lower abdomen?
Kidney Yang Deficiency with lower body cold
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan: Which herb lead “Floating Yang Fire” back to its source in the kidneys
Rou Gui
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan: Name 2 biomeds
Diabetes Millitus - Hypothyroidism
Restore the Right Pill
You Gui Wan
You Gui Wan herbs
Fu Zi 60-180g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Rou Gui 60-120g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Lu Jiao Jiao 120g Tonify Yang
Shu Di Huang 240g Tonify Blood
Shan Zhu Yu 90g Astringent
Shan Yao 120g Tonify Qi
Gou Qi Zi 120g Tonify Blood
Tu Si Zi 120g Tonify Yang
Du Zhong 120g Tonify Yang
Dang Gui 90g Tonify Blood
You Gui Wan: This is a yang deficiency pattern. What 2 yin substances are also deficient?
Essence and Blood
You Gui Wan: What causes the floating edema?
Cold in the lower burner with rising pathogenic water
You Gui Wan: Name 1 of the 3 chief herbs
Fu Zi – Rou Gui – Lu Jiao Jiao
You Gui Wan: Name 1 of the 3 deputy herbs which treat low back pain
Gou Qi Zi – Tu Si Zi – Du Zhong
You Gui Wan: Which associated formula treats true cold & false heat, in which deficient yang separates from excessive yin & floats to the exterior
You Gui Yin
Cuscutae Seed Pill
Tu Si Zi Wan
Tu Su Zi Wan herbs
Tu Si Zi 60g Tonify Yang
Lu Rong 30g Tonify Yang
Rou Cong Rong 60g Tonify Yang
Shan Yao 30g Tonify Qi
Fu Zi 30g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Wu Yao 30g Regulate Qi
Wu Wei Zi 30g Astringent
Sang Piao Xiao 30g Astringent
Yi Zhi Ren 30g Tonify Yang
Duan Mu Li 60g Calm Spirit
Ji Nei Jin 50g Food Stagnation
Tu Si Zi Wan: This is one type of kidney qi deficiency. What is causing the patient’s exhaustion?
Weakness of the essence and blood of the Kidneys
Tu Si Zi Wan: What causes the frequent & scanty urination with continuous dripping?
Deficient Kidneys lead to the bladder losing its power to restrain
Tu Si Zi Wan: What deputy herb binds & grasps kidney qi
Wu Wei Zi
Tu Si Zi Wan: Name 2 assistant herbs used for urinary frequency & incontinence
Duan Mu Li – Ji Nei Jin – Sang Piao Xiao –Yi Zhi Ren
Tu Si Zi Wan: When the ____ function of the kidney is weak abnormal leakage of the urine may occur.
Qi grasping function
Special Pill to Aid Fertility
Zan Yu Dan
Zan Yu Dan herbs
Fu Zi 60g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Rou Gui 60g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Rou Cong Rong 120g Tonify Yang
Ba Ji Tian 120g Tonify Yang
Yin Yang Huo 120g Tonify Yang
She Chuang Zi 60g External Appl & T. Yang
Jiu Zi (oriental garlic) 120g Tonify Yang
Xian Miao 120g Tonify Yang
Shan Zhu Yu 120g Astringent
Du Zhong 120g Tonify Yang
Shu Di Huang 240g Tonify Blood
Dang Gui 180g Tonify Blood
Gou Qi Zi 180g Tonify Blood
Bai Zhu 240g Tonify Qi
Zan Yu Dan: This is____or____due to waning of the gate of
vitality and cold and deficiency of the essential qi.
Impotence - Infertility
Zan Yu Dan: This pattern not only signifies yang deficiency, but what others
Qi and Blood
Zan Yu Dan: Describe the pulse
Submerged – Thin Pulse
Zan Yu Dan: Name 1 of the 3 deputy herbs use to tonify yin & replenish essence
Shu Di Huang – Gou Qi Zi – Dang Gui
Zan Yu Dan: What is the assistant herb which strengthens spleen & eliminates damp
Bai Zhu
Zan Yu Dan: Two Immortal Decoction
Er Xian Tang
Er Xian Tang herbs
Xian Mao 6-15g Tonify Yang
Yin Yang Huo 9-15g Tonify Yang
Ba Ji Tian 9g Tonify Yang
Huang Bai 4.5-9g Clear Heat Dry Damp
Zhi Mu 4.5-9g Clear Heat Quell Fire
Dang Gui 9g Tonify Blood
Er Xian Tang: This is deficient of both the ____ & ____ accompanied by a flaring up of ____ from deficiency
Yin & Yang - Fire
Er Xian Tang: Name the 2 herbs having Xian in there name
Xian Mao – Xian Ling Pi
Er Xian Tang: What causes the irritability, insomnia & palpitations?
Kidney yin depletion leads to Heart Fire
Er Xian Tang: Which chief herb tonifies yin & yang & harnesses ascendant liver yang
Yin Yang Huo
Er Xian Tang: Name 1 of the 2 assistant herbs which nourish kidney yin & drain fire
Huang Bai – Zhi Mu