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What are the two primary manifestations of stagnate qi?
Pain and Distention
List 2 symptoms of qi stagnating in the following areas:
Chest - chest and back pain, coughing, and SOB
Spleen/stomach - epigastric and abdominal pain/distention, belching, acid regurgitation, and irregular BM
Liver - pain and distention in the chest and hypochondria, or other problems such as hernial d/o, irregular menses, dysmenorrhea
Escape Restraint Pill
Yue Ju Wan
Yue Ju Wan herbs
Xiang Fu 6-12g Regulate Qi
Cang Zhu 6-12g Aro Transf Damp
Chuan Xiong 6-12g Move Blood
Shan Zhi Zi 6-12g Clear Heat Quell Fire
Shen Qu 6-12g Food Stagnation
Yue Ju Wan: What is the overall pattern?
Constraint due to stagnant Qi
Yue Ju Wan: The condition of the liver has led to the disturbance of what 3 basic factors?
Qi – Blood - Fire
Yue Ju Wan: What is the chief herb?
Xiang Fu
Pinellia & Magnolia Bark Decoction
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang herbs
Ban Xia 9-12g Transform Cold Phlegm
Hou Po 9g Aro Transf Damp
Fu Ling 12g Drain Damp
Sheng Jiang 15g Dispel WC
Zi Su Ye 6g Dispel WC
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang : This condition is known as
Plum pit Qi
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang : In addition to moving qi, list 2 other actions.
Dissipates clumps, directs rebellious qi downward and transforms phlegm
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang : What is the chief herb?
Ban Xia
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang : In addition to constrained qi & phlegm, name 1 of the 2 possible causes?
Fire from constraint – Qi and Blood Deficiency
Warm the Liver Decoction
Nuan Gan Jian
Nuan Gan Jian herbs
Xiao Hui Xiang 6g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Wu Yao 6g Regulate Qi
Chen Xiang 3g Regulate Qi
Dang Gui 6-9g Tonify Blood
Gou Qi Zi 9g Tonify Blood
Rou Gui 3-6g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Fu Ling 6g Drain Damp
Sheng Jiang 3-5 pcs Dispel WC
Nuan Gan Jian: This is cold type
Cold Type Hernial Disorder
Nuan Gan Jian: What is causing the qi to stagnate?
Cold from Deficiency of the Liver and Kidneys
Nuan Gan Jian: Name 1 of the 2 deputy herbs which move qi and alleviate pain in the lower abdomen.
Wu Yao – Chen Xiang
Nuan Gan Jian: What 2 herbs are combined to tonify and warm the liver & kidney?
Rou Gui – Gou Qi Zi
Nuan Gan Jian: If the cold is severe, name 1 of the 3 herbs which can be added?
Wu Zhu Yu – Fu Zi – Gan Jiang
Tangerine Seed Pill
Ju He Wan
Ju He Wan herbs
Ju He 30g Regulate Qi
Jin Ling Zi 30g Regulate Qi
Mu Xiang 15g Regulate Qi
Tao Ren 30g Move Blood
Yan Hu Suo 15g Move Blood
Rou Gui 15g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Mu Tong 15g Drain Damp
Hou Po 15g Aro Transf Damp
Zhi Shi 15g Regulate Qi
Hai Zao 30g Transform Hot Phlegm
Kun Bu 30g Transform Hot Phlegm
Hai Dai 30g Transform Hot Phlegm
Ju He Wan: This is hernial disorder, what is the overall pattern?
Damp Cold invading the Liver Channel
Ju He Wan: Is this fundamentally a kidney channel or liver channel pathology?
Ju He Wan: The congealing of damp phlegm, as well as qi stasis and blood stasis manifests as rock like hardness of the ____ and a colicky pain that reaches to the ____
testicles - umbilicus
Ju He Wan: Name 1 of the 2 herbs to invigorate the blood and dissipate clumps?
Tao Ren – Yan Hu Suo
Ju He Wan: Identify 1 of the 3 herbs to soften hardness & dissipate clumps?
Hai Zao – Hai Dai – Kun Bu
Ju He Wan: Name 2 bio-meds?
Hydrocele – orchitis - epididymitis
These formulas are used to treat rebellious qi of which 2 organs?
Lung and Stomach
Perillia Fruit Decoction for Directing Qi Downward
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang herbs
Su Zi 9-12g Stop Cough/Wheezing
Ban Xia 6-9g Transform Cold Phlegm
Qian Hu 6-9g Transform Hot Phlegm
Hou Po 3-6g Aro Transf Damp
Chen Pi 6-9g Regulate Qi
Dang Gui 6-9g Tonify Blood
Rou Gui 1.5-3g Warm Int Dispel Cold
Da Zao 3-4 pc Tonify Qi
Gan Cao 3-4.5g Tonify Qi
Su Ye 5 leaves Dispel WC
Sheng Jiang 2 slices Dispel WC
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang: This is a respiratory disorder, what is it called?
Excess above and deficiency below
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang: What causes the disturbance of water metabolism, leading to edema?
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang: Name any 2 of the 4 principle ingredients used to expel phlegm?
Ban Xia – Hou Po -
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang: Which herb treats deficiency below, warms the kidney, and grasps the qi?
Rou Gui
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang: Name 2 bio-meds.
Chronic bronchitis – emphysema – bronchial asthma – cardiac asthma
Arrest Wheezing Decoction
Ding Chuan Tang
Ding Chuan Tang herbs
Yin Xing 9g Astringent
Ma Huang 9g Dispel WC
Ban Xia 9g Cold Phlegm
Su Zi 6g Stop Cought/Wheezing
Kuan Dong Hua 9g Stop Cough/Wheezing
Xing Ren 4.5g Stop Cough/Wheezing
Sang Bai Pi 9g Stop Cough/Wheezing
Huang Qin 4.5g Clear Heat Dry Damp
Gan Cao 3g Tonify Qi
Ding Chuan Tang: This is wheezing caused by ____ constraining the exterior and ____ smoldering in the interior
Wind cold - phlegm heat
Ding Chuan Tang: How does the presence of heat arise in this condition?
Constrained Qi
Ding Chuan Tang: Which of this formulas 2 chief herbs transforms phlegm, constrains leakage of lung qi, and arrests wheezing?
Yin Xing
Ding Chuan Tang: Name 1 of the 2 herbs used to drain heat from the lungs?
Sang bai pi – huang qin
Ding Chuan Tang: Name 1 of the 2 formulas used to treat asthma with more pronounced heat?
Ma xing she gan tang – xie bai san