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Rhubarb & Moutain Decoction Herbs
da huang mu dan tang
Rhubarb & Moutain Decoction (da huang mu dan tang)
da huang
mang xiao
mu dan pi
tao ren
dong gua ren
da huang mu dan tang: This pattern is one of early stage ___, a condition of excess with interior clumping of ___
Intestinal abscess – heat and xue
In which area of the abdomen does the pain occur
Lower Right Quadrant
Which herb cools blood & eliminates masses due to blood stasis ___
Mu Dan Pi
Which herb expels pus eliminates heat & reduces intestinal abscesses ___
Dong Gua Ren
Yellow Dragon Decoction pinyin
Huang Long Tang
Yellow Dragon Decoction (Huang Long Tang)herbs
da huang
mang xiao
zhi shi
hou po
ren shen
Dang Gui – Jie Geng – Sheng Jiang – Da Zao – Gan Cao
Huang Long Tang:What is the overall conformation
Internal heat excess with qi and blood deficiency
Huang Long Tang: What causes the green, foul smelling diarrhea
The body’s unsuccessful attempt to eliminate the accumulation
Huang Long Tang:What causes the black tongue coat
Dryness with vigorous heat in the interior
Huang Long Tang:Name the deputy herb which reduces focal distention
Zhi Shi
Huang Long Tang: Name the deputy herb which disseminates the qi
Hou Po
Huang Long Tang: This formula contains all herbs for which important downward draining formula
Da Cheng Qi Tang - Major Order the Qi Decoction
Hemp Seed Pill pinyin
Ma Zi Ren Wan
Hemp Seed Pill (Ma Zi Ren Wan) herbs
huo ma ren
xing ren
bai shao
zhi shi
hou po
da huang - feng mi
Ma Zi Ren Wan: This is ___ in the stomach & intestines
Heat induced dryness
Ma Zi Ren Wan: The deep rapid pulse indicates what
Yin Deficiency
Ma Zi Ren Wan: What is the deputy herb which nourishes the yin & harmonizes the interior
Bai Shao
Ma Zi Ren Wan: Name the assistant herb which removes fullness & distention
Hou Po
Ma Zi Ren Wan: This is a variation of what formula
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang – Minor Order the Qi Decoction
Moisten the Intestines Pill
Run Chang Wan
Moisten the Intestines Pill (Run Chang Wan) herbs
huo ma ren
tao ren
dang gui
sheng di huang
zhi ki
Run Chang Wan: This is constipation due to ___, a common condition among the early & debilitated
Desiccated (dry) Intestines (chang ku)
Run Chang Wan: The oils in some of these herbs exude what two actions
Moisten Intestines – Unblock the bowels
Run Chang Wan: Name one of the two herbs that nourish the blood & yin
Dang Gui – Sheng Di Huang
Run Chang Wan: This formula maybe used long term for types of constipation associated with debility, but should not be used in cases which require
Run Chang Wan: Which herb is used to diminish the cloying affect of the other herbs
Zhi Ke
Benefit the River Decoction pinyin
Ji Chuan Jian
Benefit the River Decoction (Ji Chuan Jian) herbs
rou cong rong
dang gui
niu xi
ze xie
zhi ki
sheng ma
Ji Chuan Jian: This is constipation due to what pathogenic pattern
KI Yang and Qi Deficiency
Ji Chuan Jian: What is the chief herb
Rou Cong Rong
Ji Chuan Jian: What is the deputy herb which strengthens the lower back & guides other herbs down
Niu Xi
Ji Chuan Jian: What assistant herb has a descending nature which draining turbidity from the kidney
Ze Xie
Rhubarb & Prepared Aconite Decoction pinyin
da huang fu zi tang
Rhubarb & Prepared Aconite Decoction (da huang fu zi tang)herbs
fu zi
da huang
xi xin
da huang fu zi tang: This is ___ in the interior
Cold accumulation
da huang fu zi tang: List 2 of the 4 actions
Warms the interior, disperses cold, unblocks the bowels and alleviates pain
da huang fu zi tang: What is the assistant herb which disperses clumping
Xi Xin
da huang fu zi tang: Da Huang alleviates hypochondriac pain, how
It enters the Liver Channel at the blood level