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Blupleurum & Kudzu Dec. to Release the Exterior pinyin
Chi ge jie ji tang
Chai ge jie ji tang herbs
chai hu,
ge gen,
qiang huo,
bai zhi,
huang qin,
shi gao,
jie geng,
bai shao,
gan cao,
sheng jiang,
da zao
Chai ge jie ji tang This is unresolved exterior___which is transforming into ___
wind cold / heat
chai hu and ge gen are used to
release pathogen from the muscle layer and clear heat
what sour cool blood tonifying herb perserves yin by stopping sweating
bai shao
name 1 of the 2 ingredients to clear internal heat
huang qin or shi gao
apart from heat and neck, name 3 other body parts affected by exterior disorders
shoulders, upper back, skin, upper spine
lingustici chuan xiong green tea powder pinyin
chuan xiong cha tiao san
chuan xiong cha tiao san herbs
bo he,
chuan xiong,
bai zhi,
qiang hou,
xi xin,
jing jie,
fang feng,
gan cao
chuan xiong tiao san: This is Headache due to
externally contracted wind
Name the 4 herbs which Tx the 4 types of headache pain
temporal - chuan xiong
occipital - qing huo
frontal - bai zhi
orbital - xi xin
Many Chinese & Japanese Drs. use this formula for what common childhood problem
chronic diarrhea
Apart from Res Infections & headaches, name 1 other common use of chuan xiong cha tiao san
sinusitis or rhinitis
does the green tea creat a cooling or warming effect
xanthium poweder pinyin
cang er zi san
cang er zi san herbs
cang er zi,
xin yi hua,
bai zhi,
bo he
What lingering pathogenic factor causes the focal distention & fullness in the chest
Ginseng Powder to overcome pathogenic influences pinyin
ren shen bai du san
cang er zi san: this is a condition known as ___
profuse nasa discharge and is caused by wind heat attacking the head
the listed actions of cang er zi san include dispersing wind, alleviating pain and ___
unblocks the nose
Which herb releases exterior wind heat & clears eyes & the
bo he
Name the herb which is well known for helping the discharge of pus
bai zhi
ren shen bai du san: this an externally contracted ilness with an underlying qi deficiency. what combination of exterior pathogens is it designed to release?
wind cold and damp
Kudzu Decoction pinyin
ge gen tang
ge gen tang herbs
ge gen,
ma huang,
gui zhi,
bai shao,
sheng jiang,
da zao,
gan cao
name 1 of the 3 exterior releasing herbs
bo he, chai hu, qiang huo, sheng jiang
ge gen tang: this is one type of externally contracted ___ at the greater yang stage
wind cold
what is the deputy herb used with ge gen to release the wind cold from the muscle layer
gui zhi
What cool, sour, blood tonifying herb preserves yin & releases muscle spasms
bai shao
The ascending & descending actions of what 2 herbs regulates the flow of qi in the Chest
Jie Geng (ascending) / Zhi Ke (descending)
Ephedra, Asarum & Aconite Decoction pinyin
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang herbs
ma huang,
xi xin,
fu zi
ren shen bai du san herbs
qiang huo
du huo
chuan xiong
chai hu
jie geng
zhi ke
qian hu
ren shen
fu ling
gan cao
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang: This is exterior cold in a patient with
preexisting yang def
identify the herb which stimulates yang, warms interior and expels pathogens from within
fu zi
is ma huang xi xin fu zi tang designed to cause sweating
identify the pulse qualities of ma huang xi xin fu zi tang
submerged and faint