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Which test is used when anemia is suspected?
Platelets are fragments of large multinucleated cells known as?
The major group of leukocytes that contain no observable cytoplasmic granules and are more abundant in lymphoid tissue and lymph?
An insoluable compound that forms a meshwork of strands that trap RBC's and is, therefore, considered the structural basis of clot formation?
Another name for the proteins in plasma known as agglutinins?
The ability of leukocytes to move in and out of blood vessels in order to reach sites of inflammation or tissue destruction?
Nucleated cells that are formed in the bone marrow whose numbers average from 4,000 to 11,000 per uL of blood?
Anucleocyte (without a nucleus) cells, when mature, whose numbers average 4.5 to 5.0 million per uL of blood?
What is the nonliving fluid matrix portion of blood?
What is the technical name for a blood clot?
What type of tissue is blood?
How many liters of blood are contained in the circulatory system of the average adult?
5.5 Litres
What is the least common blood type in whites, blacks, and Asians?
What is the technical term for the process of blood clot formation?
Whole blood is composed of plasma and?
Formed Elements
The largest of the leukocytes is?
What is the smallest of the leukocytes?
You are given a capillary tube containing uncentrifuged blood and told to determine the patient’s hematocrit. The original column height before centrifuging is 50 mm. After spinning, the bottom layer of the capillary tube containing cells is 20 mm and the top layer containing plasma is 30 mm. What is the patient’s hematocrit value?
Also called reduced hemoglobin, this is the form of hemoglobin that results after oxygen diffuses into the blood
This type of leukocyte is present in high amounts in the blood when a patient has a parasitic infection
James has a hemoglobin measurement of 16 g/100 ml blood. This is?
Within normal range
No visible cytoplasmic granules are present in?
Place the following in correct developmental sequence:

1. reticulocyte
2. proerythroblast
3. normoblast
4. late erythroblast
2, 4, 3, 1
The slowest step in the clotting process is?
Formation of prothrombin activator
A lack of intrinsic factor, leading to a deficiency of vitamin B12 and large pale cells called macrocytes, is characteristic of?
Pernicious anemia
Which sequence is correct for the following events?
1. fibrinogen ® fibrin
2. clot retraction
3. formation of thromboplastin
4. prothrombin ® thrombin
3, 4, 1, 2
Fred's blood was determined to be AB positive. What does this mean?
There are no antibodies to A, to B, or to Rh antigens in the plasma
Which of the following is a precursor of a basophil?
Sickling of red blood cells can be produced in those with sickle-cell anemia by?
Travel at high altitude and vigorous exercise
When can erythroblastosis fetalis not possibly happen in the child of an Rh negative mother?
If the father is Rh−