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What is a carbohydrate?

Body's primary source of energy. They provide heat, help metabolize fat, and help reserve protein for uses other than supplying energy

What's the final stage of death?

Acceptance- As depression lifts, the person gains a sense of peace that death will happen and a quiet state of recognition that all living things die, and this is his or her time

What is an example of rationalization? And what is it?

Making the excuse not to exercise the neck because of having to go to work. This defense mechanism is a self-justifying explanation substituted for an unacceptable one

What is an example of liable? And what is it?

Liable means accountable under law. For example, in a partnership, each partner is liable for the business

What ways should you communicate with a patient who has a hearing impairment?

For the hearing impaired patient, it is wise to minimize background disturbances and noise, speak slowly, sit close, face the patient, and use body language

What is botulism? What bacteria causes it?

Botulism is a form of food poisoning often caused by poorly canned foods. It is caused by the toxin produced by the spores of the Clostridum botulinum bacterium.

What is a PAR in an insurance carrier's plan

A participating provider in a managed healthcare program must write off disallowed charges. A participating (PAR) provider is a physician or other healthcare provider who participates in an insurance carrier's plan.

What is a jurisdiction?

The power and authority given to a court to hear a case and to make a judgment. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court hears appeals from federal and state courts, and has original jurisdiction in cases in which a state is a party, and in cases involving American ambassadors, ministers, and consuls.

What is a misdemeanor?

A crime punishable by a fine or imprisonment for less than one year is known as a misdemeanor. It is less serious than a felony and consequently carried a lesser penalty.

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what is shelter?

Shelter is a biological need. Other biological needs include air, food, water, and clothing.

What is secondary insurance?

In the given situation, the remainder of the charges are handled via a claim submitted to secondary insurance for $85. The primary insurance carrier is designated to pay benefits according to the terms of the policy, and the secondary insurance carrier may cover whatever charges are still left.

One gram of carbohydrates yields how many kilocalories of energy.

4 kilocalories

Excess carbohydrates are stored in the what

Liver and muscles as glycogen

Carbohydrates should make up between what of an individual's total calorie intake

55 to 60 percent

What does medicare part A cover? Are those who are eligible for social security enrolled in Medicare Part A?

Hospital charges and yes social security eligibles are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A

What is rapport?

Rapport involves a positive and harmonious relationship between a patient and a medical assistant or between patients and other members of the medical staff. Rapport is built by using good communication skills.

Is a witness part of the communication cycle.

No, however, the cycle does include a message, sender, receiver, and feedback

What does stress affect?

The body's ability to fight off illness. When coping with stress, the third phase of coping is exhaustion. If the stressor continues and the patient is unable to adapt or remove the stressor, he or she will develop negative consequences of physical and psychological symptoms

What is feedback?

Feedback is the term that describes the verbal and nonverbal evidence that a message was received and understood. The receiver responds to the sender with feedback

What is an example of fraud?

Altering a patient's chart to increase the amount reimbursed. A person who cooperates in a fraudulent situation becomes personally liable or legally responsible

What is good and poor interpersonal skills

Good is demonstrating respect

Poor include getting very close to the patient, having