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variety of living things found on earth


Darwin's term to describe the ability of individual to survive and reproduce
according to Darwin, successful organisms-
adapt to new environments
which kind of traits are suited for natural selection?
traits that are inheritable
scientists know that inheritable variation comes mainly from changes in
genetic material
a mutation is a change in
an organism's DNA
natural selection only affects variations in
genetic drift is most likely to occur in
small populations
directional selection occurs in
changes of allele frequencies in gene pool
random changes of allele frequency in a species is called
genetic drift
for many traits, variation in phenotype corresponds to a variation in


drug resistance in bacteria occurs due to
mutation and natural selection
what occurs due to mutations and or gene shuffling?
inheritable variation
due to reproductive isolation, members of 2 different species cannot
in modern genetic terms, evolution is defined as any change in
relative frequencies of alleles in a gene pool
condition that exists when an allele becomes more or less common in a population by chance
genetic drift
theory that evolutionary change occurs slowly and steadily over long periods of time
type of natural selection on polygenic that occurs when individuals at both the upper and lower ends of the curve have a higher fitness than those in the middle
disruptive selection