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Excess tissue fluid.
All reticular lymphoid organs are composed of reticular connective tissue except?
Large isolated clusters of lymphoid follicles, structurally similar to tonsils, that are located in the wall of the distal portion of small intestine.
peyer's patches
Lymph nodes, spleen and tonsils
lymphoid organs
These types of cells differentiate in the thymus.
T cells
Cells that recognize antigens and produce plasma cells
B Cells
The lighter-staining center of a lymphoid follicles.
Germinal Centers
Receives lymph drainage from the digestive organs.
Cisterna Chyli
Internal portion of a lymph gland where cells are arranged in a cordlike fashion.
Lymph enters the subcapular sinus of the lymph node through the
Afferent lymphatic tissue
As lymph exits the hilum there are fewer of these types of vessels draining the node than feeding it. What is the name of the vessels draining the node
Efferent lymphatic tissue
Small organs associated with lymphatic vessels are termed
lymph nodes
The distal portion of the small intestine contains clumps of lymph follicles called
Peyer's patches
The thymus is most active during
The lymphatic capillaries are
more permeable than blood capillaries
Lymph leaves a lymph node via
Efferent lymphatic vessels
By secreting hormones, the thymus causes what cells to become immunocompetent?
When the lymphatics are blocked due to tumors, the result is
Severe localized edema distal to blockage
What is a bubo?
infected lymph node
The lymph tissues found within the walls of the small intestine are called
Peyer's patches
Particularly large clusters of lymph nodes occur in all of the following locations except the?
lower extremities
Digestive tract-associated lymphatic tissue includes all of the following except
islets of langerhans
Functions of the lymphatic system include:
transport excess tissue fluid to the blood vascular system
The tonsils located at the base of the tongue are the?
lingual tonsils
Which of the following is not a normal component of lymph?
red blood cells
A sentinel node is?
first node to receive lymph from an area suspected to be cancerous
Select the correct statement about lymph transport
Lymph transport depends on the movement of adjacent tissues, such as skeletal muscles
Select the correct statement about lymphocytes.
B cells produce plasma cells, which secrete antibodies in to the blood
Select the correct statement about lymphoid tissue.
Lymphoid tissue is predominately reticular connective tissue
A ring of lymphoid tissue that appears as a swelling of the mucosa in the oral cavity is called a(n):