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Who is the key individual who allocates the maintenance resources required to meet mission requirements?

Wing commander

Who monitors new requirements for training, equipment authorizations, special tools, work space, and manning?

Maintenence squadron commander

What is the main responsibility of the flight commander/chief?

Management, supervision, and training of assigned personnel

The quality assurance program...

Determines aircraft and equipment condition and personnel proficiency

The aerospace ground equipment (AGE) flight services all AGE with the exception of...

Non-powered munition trailers

What is not a section of the maintenence support flight?

Alternate Mission Equipment

What publications contain broad, enduring guidance for preparing and employing Air Force resources to support national objectives?

Air Force doctrine documents

What are Air Force policy directives?

Orders of the Secretary of the Air Force to initiate, govern, or regulate actions of conduct by Air Force activities at any level

Air Force manuals may be supplemented at...

Any level

Major commands and field operating agencies may supplement any of the following publications types except

Air Force policy directives

Informational publications that guide, point out, or otherwise facilitate research are called


As a rule, display of temporary visual aids should be limited to...

90 days or less

All of the following may be included and distributed by a bulletin board except...

Classified information

Maintenence data collection information is used as a tool for determining or validating manpower, budget, and

Equipment requirements

The maintenance data collection system provides equipment maintenance schedules and inventory information for maintenance requirements established on...

A calender basis

What major command is designed as the overall logistics manager for Air Force systems and equipment?

Air Force Material Command

What is the primary source of information for equipment configuration status accounting at base, command, and depot levels?

Maintenance data collection system

The reliably and maintainability information system is designed to accumulate data and provide the information nexessary to support the...

Air Force equipment maintenance program

The first five digits of the job control number indicate....

Year and Julian date

The five-character maintenance data collection code that identifies organizational elements to which maintenance pesonnel are assigned is the...

Work center code

A work center that contributes labor towards a maintenance requirement is?

A performing work center

The Integrated Maintenance Data System screen that allows the operator to schedule jobs for their work center is what?


The Integrated Maintenance Data System is not capable of automating...

On-aircraft troubleshooting

The Integrated Maintenance Data System is a...

Base-level automated system used for maintenance management

The primary purpose of the Integrated Maintenance Data System screen 380 is to...

Provide an updated listing of all open job control numbers (JCN)

Which Integrated Maintenance Data System screen and option can be viewed to allow narratives to a specific job data record to be modified?

Screen 907, option 12

An online inquiry can be selected from Integrated Maintenance Data System screen 099 by simply inputting the...

Option number

Which Integrated Maintenance Data System screen displays a maintenence snapshot inquiry?


What will cause the G081 weapons manage system to automatically disconnect?

15 minutes of inactivity

The four types of programs used in G081 weapons management system are data input, data output, variable information retrieval programs, and...


Of the four types of programs used in G081 weapons management system, which is considered to be the heart of the system?

Data input

What word will appear on your screen to notify you that the G081 weapons management system has been completely logged out?


What is a basic principle of supply discipline?

Effectively safeguard and preserve property

Supply discipline starts with...

Each individual

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable and trained in supply discipline?

Commanders and supervisors

Property accountability is the obligation

To keep accurate, auditable records of property

Who is accountable for equipment items?

Supply personnel equipment custodians

To discharge their property, commanders issue...

Instructions and directives

A sergeant takes possession of a box which has fallen off a supply truck. Which type of property responsibly does the sergeant assume?


When a person responsible for property is transfered and the property remains with the organization, property responsibly...

Also stays in the organization

What is used to explain and record the circumstances involving the loss, damage, or destruction of an equipment item that costs more than $500?

Report of survey

How does the deficiency reporting system reduce total ownership cost?

Identifies system deficiencies early in its life cycle

What is not a condition of four category one deficiency report?

Is attributable to errors in workmanship

Where is the originating point send deficiency report supporting data?

Screening point

What category of deficiency must be submitted within one workday?

Category I

What category of deficiency must be submitted three workdays?

Category II

What is the most common type of deficiency report you will encounter as an aircraft maintainer?

Product Quality Deficiency Report

If you wanted to address inquiries to the office of primary responsibility on a clarification interpretation, what section of the security classification guide would you use?

General instructions

What section of security classification guides applies more to defense contractors then to field maintenance technicians?

Funding, procurement,and production

What section of the security classification guide lists test equipment associated with the system?

Ground support equipment

The standard form 701, Activity Security Checklist, is used to...

Record end of day security checks

The standard form 702, Security Container Check Sheet, is used to...

Document the opening and closing of security container

If you order a Secret classified asset from the base supply, what do you need to have in order to receive custody of the asset?

A military identification card and be listed on an authorization roster

Which type of manual is a reduced size technical order which includes step-by-step procedures?

Job guide

Publications that contain instructions for use in addition to data contained in another manual are identified as...

Supplemental manuals

What letters are contained in numerical designator of a checklist technical order?


Which is not a type of time compliance technical order?

Emergency action

When are technical order changes issued?

Only when part of an existing TO is affected

What type of TO supplement is printed on green paper to distinguish them from other supplements?

TO page supplements

Recommended changes to technical orders must be identified as either an improvement or...

Correction type of change

Who has responsibility for the determination and designation of Computer Software Configuration Items?

Software manager

The Automated Computer Program Identification Number System does not provide a system to establish...

Contractor logistics software

The Automated Computer Program Identification Number System provides software to support USAF customers...


The second field of the Computer Program Identification Number cannot be less than two positions or more than...

27 positions

Aeronautical nomenclature are type designation assignments for...

Electronic systems and subsystems used throughout the Department of Defense

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