Command Master Chief: A Case Study

The commanding officer and command master chief are responsible and accountable for the morale, health, welfare, safety, utilization, and training of all personnel within a naval organization. Serving in a capacity as the command master chief (essentially a human resource executive), I assist the commanding officer (similar to a chief executive officer) in leading and managing an organic organization within the navy called Air and Test Evaluation Squadron One. The squadron has a mission to perform operational test and evaluation on naval aircraft, weapon systems, and support systems. Attaining a squadron competitive advantage is not possible; however, pursuing excellence is. Consequently, the squadron is reliant on people and processes …show more content…
Within a few days, it was easy to identify areas of culture that needed improvements. These areas were communication, personal and professional development, and artifacts. A previous command climate and culture assessment indicated the prior command master chief was inconsistent in communication and was unapproachable. In setting the right tone to communication within the squadron, it was essential to foster interactions and communications within and across peers, subordinates, managers, and leaders. Being available, approachable, and implementing the leadership by walking around strategy created opportunities to engage sailors, learn concerns, address problems, and most importantly communicate across all levels. Research into personal and professional development attributes of squadron personnel indicated advancement stagnation and curtailed qualifications. With concurrence from the commanding officer, there was a dogged pursuit with the 25 mid-level supervisors to foster personal and professional growth and learning. This renewed focus on growth and learning produced junior technicians with increased technical knowledge and advanced qualifications, subsequently driving the increased advancement

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