Tim’s Coffee Shoppe Essay

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Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is a well established business that has been running as a sole proprietorship for over 30 years. The business needs to improve on its management strategy in order to perform optimally in its present environment. The purpose of this paper is to provide the owner Tim with suggested improvements on managing the human as well as financial resources of the coffee shop so as to remain competitive and increase profits. The Coffee house is conveniently located close to several metro stations, ensuring a steady flow of traffic. It is also situated near a University, presenting the business with a steady clientele of college students. The business is facing stiff competition from Queequeg’s coffee with 7 shops located near …show more content…
Other staffing roles such as recruitment, selection, and firing are also carried out by Tim. The manager conducts the work of staff appraisal as well as performance management. She is also required to train her subordinates on several issues.
There are several strengths demonstrated in the management structure of the coffee shop. Employees are able to get regular feedback on their performance, as well as acknowledgement on work well done. Performance appraisal helps point out deficiencies and training needs of the employees to management, and enables corrective measures to be taken. Appraisal helps motivate and encourage good performance (Sias, 2009).
Several weaknesses are however presented in the activities of management at Tim’s. There is poor organization by the managers, which has led to low motivation and morale, lack of coordination and control, poor communication, and derisiveness (Cole, 1996). Employees are showing a lack of morale as demonstrated by Michelle who has requested numerous sick days, and expressed her dissatisfaction with her work at Tim’s. There seems to be no system in place to coordinate employee shifts, and the coffee shop seems to employ the rule of thumb when it comes to swapping shifts. There is no communication between employees and management, such as in the case of Julio, who makes informal shift arrangements with co-workers,

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