The Transformation of Organizational Development Essay

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According to Gallos (2006), the founders of organizational development had understood the pitfalls of organizational life and knew that it needed to be changed. Their efforts had given rise to the organizational and applied behavioral sciences. Organizational Development is a ever growing field that is responsive to changes. There were many changes and improvements that were made over time, one of those changes was the creation of a organization development (OD) plan, this is a necessary tool to use in an organization. It is a way of using the organization's resources to help find and solve problems, expand the company, and become a more efficient entity. According to Beckhard (2006), in order for OD to change it must involve a …show more content…
The fourth item needed for this OD effort is to increase an organization's effectiveness and health. According to Beckhard (2006), there are several ways to see if an organization is being effective. There are a few questions that they could ask themselves in order to determine if the organization is being effective, and they are as follows: Can work be managed against the goals and plans? Is communication being distorted? Is there a clash of ideas? Then the fifth and final item that is needed for this OD effort is planned interventions. This is a strategy that is implemented in order to look at a company's present working environment. It can also help find an alternative way of working or even help find an alternative reward system (Beckhard, 2006). According to Braunstein (1974), Organization Development is a strategy that brings about a planned change. He continues to say that if there are any inconsistent goals in an organization, then we must find an unusual approach to help change it. In addition to that, the organization should use multiple methods at the same time. Braunstein (1974) goes on to say that we could get by just using a more narrow method, such as the managerial grid method. However, the cost would be considerably higher then what we might think. This would be due to the behavioral limitations of the organization's decision making process. Organizational Development is an ever

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