The Media's Representation of Dexter, the Ethical Serial Killer

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I placed the knife on the table and turned around, pinning my gaze inside the plastic wrapped room that I had carefully prepared. An agonized face glared back at me, blue eyes burned beneath the black eyebrows. “What the hell is this?” I carelessly studied the forehead which tightened and twitched with tension and my gaze wandered off to his left cheek. “This... is the moment of truth.” I replied to his cry with ease. He was breathing heavily. Oh, this felt so good. It has been a very long time since I let my dark passenger come out to play. Thirty-eight days, sixteen hours, and twelve minutes to be precise, Trinity has kept me occupied long enough. Then I sliced his left cheek to take my blood slide.
Dexter, the ethical serial killer,
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But CSI suggests that hyper-dramatically disfigured corpses and crime scenes always offer ways that eventually guides them to catch the corrupted criminals. But, by the appearance of Dexter on our screens, which offered the exact same methods, but with a twist, the CSI is a serial killer, blurring the line between the criminal and the prosecutor. Dexter, a crime scene investigator specialised in blood spatter analysis at the Miami metro police department, has written his own rules of justice, he has risen above society’s moral standards and does what pleases his ‘dark passenger’ by prosecuting singlehandedly those who are harming it.
Attracting over seven million viewers in its first premier (NY Times, 2008), making it Showtime’s most successful premier yet. This show was more than just bad guys being caught and prosecuted; this show offered a prosecutor in the form of a serial killer. A Serial killer, who claimed to be protecting society when the legal system fails to do so.
The character of Dexter presents a convincing cultural delusion about serial killers; it does not effectively define the meaning or the existence of serial killers. But instead portrays an overly simplified interpretation on the cause of his behaviour while contradicting the important message of the representation of serial killers in contemporary popular culture.

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