The History of Nike Essay examples

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Nike, one of the largest athletic companies in the world, has been making a historical impact in the world of sports for over 50 years. The Mission of Nike is simple, "to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world." Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike, realized the incredible possibilities for human potential in sports. He understood that any person that has a body is an athlete and with that philosophy he started not just one of the biggest sports companies in the world, but also one of the most influential. Today Nike employs over 35,000 people across six continents and operates in over 160 countries. Not only has the company become one of the largest athletic companies in the world it also own several …show more content…
There is a story about him using his wife's waffle iron to cast the rubber soles for his shoes because he thought the pattern would help with traction but the sources are inconsistent. Phil Knight was a talented middle distance runner who enrolled at the University of Oregon in 1955. After he graduated he went on to Stanford University where he got his MBA in finance. While he was at Stanford, Knight began thinking about the ideas that would lead to him and Bowerman to start Blue Ribbon Ports. Knight wrote a paper that proposed that cheap quality running shoes could be manufactured in Japan and imported to compete with the well-established, more expensive, German brands. He tried convincing the shoe companies at the time, much like Bowerman, to try his ideas, but all his efforts fell through. In a complete gamble Knight made a cold-call to Onitsuka Company, in Kobe, Japan, and persuaded them to make him a distributor of Tiger running shoes. They agreed. When he received the first set of sample shoes he sent a few of them to his old track and field coach at University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman, hoping that he would buy them. Instead of buying them Bowerman offered to become Knight's partner and send his shoe design ideas to Tiger. In January of 1964 Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman shook hands and formed Blue Ribbon Sports. They each agreed to pledge five hundred dollars and placed

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