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Teaching Philosophy Statement

Upon arriving at Concord University, I have come to the decision to major in Physical Education and Health. I have chosen to major in Physical Education and Health because I am a very health conscious individual and enjoy many types of physical activity.

As and individual who enjoys participating in physical activity, in the future I look forward to being able to teach children that his or her health Is just as important now as his or her health will be later in life. I have been very active my whole life and look forward to teaching the younger children that physical activity is important in every day life and does not have to be dreadful, but instead should be looked as fun. People in
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For example, activities and games that have captains who pick teams and those who are not athletically gifted would be chosen last.

The one aspect that people do not realize is that athletics and physical activity in an education class are two different types of activities with very different purposes. Athletics is an extra curricular activity that a child chooses to participate in outside of school hours. The main purpose of athletics being competition between athletes and athletics also does not count toward any school curriculum. Physical education on the other hand is a part of most schools curriculum and does not focus on competition between students. Physical education inside the classroom strives to teach children the skills and knowledge to live an active healthy lifestyle once leaving the classroom. This may or may not include participating in athletics, joining a health club or even walking the dog for thirty minutes three to four days a week.

Physical education is no different than any other profession. There are a numerous number of issues that are of concern to current and futures physical educators. The one issue that concerns me the most as an upcoming physical education teacher is that most of today’s younger children are severely overweight or on the way to becoming obese. Being overweight can be

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